2014 Stage

A Breakdown of the Events

How to Start a Float Center Workshop

This is a 1.5 day workshop that focuses on the nuts and bolts of opening and operating a float tank center. The workshop is taught by us, the owners of Float On. We'll be covering information such as construction, float tank maintenance, cleaning schedules and operations, regular expenses and finances, and float specific marketing. This is much more pragmatic and hands-on information than what will be presented at the main Float Conference. Read more about it here.

Friday Activities

The day before the Float Conference (which is the last day of the Workshop) will be full of smaller activities and workshops put on by people in the float community. We highly recommend flying out early to take part in these fun events! See last year's Friday Activities as an example.

Float Conference

This is the main event. Experts from around the world will be flying in to give talks ranging from the newest float research being conducted to marketing strategies from the biggest and most successful float centers to the current state of regulations and sanitation. This is also the main social event of the whole conference. The attendance more than triples in size from the workshop portion, and there are some great parties and lunches where you can meet everyone in the industry. This is also the portion of the event where all the booths are located. It's a great chance to see a number of float tanks up close, as well as a large selection of other companies that are servicing the float industry. See last year's Conference schedule.

Certified Pool/Spa Operator Training

The CPO training course is one of the most respected certifications in the pool and spa industry. Commercial pools are often required to have CPO certified staff members on hand. The course is an excellent primer of pool/spa sanitation, equipment, and operation. While the course itself is not built to be oriented toward float tanks, this class will be taught by Jake Marty (one of the owners of Float On), who will put the information into a float context. Read more about it here.
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