About Us

Float ConferenceIn early 2012, the owners of Float On, a 6 tank center in Portland, Oregon, decided to organize and host an event for anyone and everyone interested in float tanks and floatation therapy. The conference had a simple goal: to foster growth in the float community by literally bringing everyone together.

The conference drummed up an amazing amount of support, and in October 2012 we were joined by float center owners, manufacturers, researchers, enthusiasts and everything in between. People flew out from all around the world for the first Float Conference, which became the largest float event ever held. The event was a great success – information and experiences were shared, the floatation community was strengthened – and we resolved to make the Float Conference an annual event.

The conference has seen incredible growth over the years. It has now expanded to include a 1.5 day How to Start a Float Center Workshop right before the conference, and a CPO Training course the day afterwards.

Come out to Portland and take part in what will become the largest float event ever held!