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2017 Friday Activities

On Friday, August 11th (the day before the Float Conference), we’ve set up a day of fun smaller activities that are open to everyone coming to the Float Conference. These activities are organized by your fellow members of the float community. The events will be taking place at various times between 9am-8pm on that Friday (finishing just in time for the Welcome Party on that Friday night).

All the activities will be taking place at the Lincoln Hall building on the Portland State University campus. There will be a Float Conference booth at the entrance of the building (on the side with the park in front of it). If you come to that booth, we will guide you to the individual rooms from there.

Lincoln Hall
1620 SW Park Ave
Portland, OR 97201

Sign up by clicking on the activity of your choice below the schedule!

Make sure not sign up for overlapping events.

Friday Activities Schedule 2017

Activity Details and Registration

Marketing Forum
1pm – 8pm
400 person capacity
Organized by the Float Conference

If there is one thing every center needs (besides salt), it’s a solid flow of customers. Once your float center is up and running, marketing quickly becomes one of your biggest tasks. In fact, according to our 2016 State of the Industry report, marketing is the single largest challenge that float centers face.

With this in mind, we’re happy to announce the first ever Float Conference Marketing Forum.

The Marketing Forum will broken into four chunks, each tackling a marketing topic that is vital to the success of your float center:

Customer Relations (1:00pm – 2:20pm)

We’re in the business of providing people with experiences, and the customer service you provide is a big part of that. We’ll discuss the different factors that can effect the experience your customers have, from how your center is laid out, to what amenities you offer, to knowing the right time to enforce your policies.

Social Media (2:50pm – 4:10pm)

We all know we have to be on there, but why… more importantly, how do we do it well? In this panel we’ll cover the basics of the different social media platforms, which ones you should be on, how to tailor your messaging to attain the biggest reach, and what numbers truly matter when measuring your effectiveness.

Pricing & Memberships (4:50pm – 6:10pm)

The perfect price is more than a simple math equation of costs + desired markup. Learn about how and when to discount your floats, the pros and cons of various membership structures, and how to use your prices to incentivize the type of behaviour you want.

Community Building (6:40pm – 8:00pm)

When your budget is low, one of the best resources you have is building relationships in your community to help fuel your word of mouth. In this panel, we’ll discuss grassroots programs you can perform to reach niche audiences, how you can build a float center through influencer endorsements, and why partnerships with other organizations in your city can produce a constant flow of traffic.

Each topic will have a panel made up of some of the most successful float centers in the business, including Float House, Float Toronto, us (Float On), Float STL, Modern Gravity, Float Sixty, The Float Spot, Beyond Rest, and the Zero Gravity Institute.

The format will include short poignant presentations, audience Q&A, and panel discussion facilitated by Derek W Wyatt, one of our main marketers here at Float On.

Come join us as we discuss and share the practical information that can help fill up your tanks!

Bus Tour of Portland’s Float Centers
2:30pm – 7:30pm
30 person capacity
Organized by the Float Conference
Bus Tour

Come on a tour of Portland’s float centers! Portland has a nice mix of different float center setups, ranging from centers that only provide floating, to centers that have floating built into a whole wellness center, to massage studios with floating as an additional service.

We’ll be taking a cherry red double decker bus around, stocked with local craft beer, so we can tour the float centers in style.

Float Fuel

Special thanks to Float Fuel for sponsoring this year’s Bus Tour!

The Science Behind Floating: Restoring Energy Safely
This class is 2 days long:
Thursday: 3pm – 7pm &
Friday: 9am – 12pm
25 person capacity
Organized by Tom Fine

Tom Fine is one of the original float tank researchers, and is responsible for some of the earliest and most significant studies done with float tanks. Over the course of this two day workshop, Tom will break down all the science behind how float tanks affect the body and the mind.

You’ll walk out of this workshop with a solid understanding of the physiological and psychological effects of floating, and will have a good foundation of knowledge to pull from when talking to your float customers. Tom will also delve into other practices that can be used with floating, various forms of relaxation, mindfulness etc, and how pairing them may have synergistic effects.

Topics that will be covered in this workshop:

Key physiological changes while floating:
  • Autonomic Nervous System’s (ANS)
  • Hypothalamic Pituitary-Adrenal system
  • Immune system
  • Central Nervous system
  • Stress Response System
The psychological effects of floating:
  • Effects on mood and affect
  • Effects on perception
  • Effects on thought
  • Effects on sensation seeking
  • Effects on field dependence
  • Effects on hypnotic susceptibility
  • Single float vs frequent floats
  • Floating and Altered States of Consciousness
Therapeutic effects of repeated floats:
  • Therapeutic Factors of repeated floating
  • Stress related physical disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Acute Pain and Chronic recurrent pain
  • PTSD, eating disorders, phobias
Please note that this activity starts on the afternoon of Thursday 8/10. Please plan travel and accomodations accordingly.
How to Work with Veterans Using Flotation
11am – 12:30pm
70 person capacity

Pathways has been actively working with veterans and their families using a variety of alternative healing modalities for several years. This year’s workshop is designed to give those who are considering becoming float center owners, along with existing float center owners, valuable information and insights in working with veterans. This year, Pathways will be providing access to Pathways research centers and how to become part of the Pathways veterans health savings accounts and how to get paid to provide local veterans services at their individual float centers.

FTA: Shaping the Future of Floating
5:30pm – 7:30pm
70 person capacity
Floatation Tank Association

The Floatation Tank Association has recently elected a new Board of Directors, and created a new Panel of Advisors. It is organizing its plans to advocate in a more effective fashion for float centers, manufacturers, and the general float community. Come meet the new board members and take part in a discussion on the current places the FTA can help.

There will be a focus on discussing the Model Aquatic Health Code, a set of recreational water guidelines created by the CDC that is currently in the process of possibly adding float tank language to their guideline. This could lead to float tank regulations with a national and international reach, and action is required from the float industry in order to have a say.

Shamanic Floating Concepts with Didgeridoo Journey
12pm – 2pm
20 person capacity
Organized by Corey Constanzo & Treeka Drake

We are teaming up to collaborate a beautiful way to “open ceremony” your Float Conference experience this year! We will be holding space for a collective exploration around shamanic principals to deepen your spiritual practice with floating and run your float centers through the pathway of the heart. The workshop includes a shamanic journey to meet with your tank spirit(s) that will be guided by drum and didgeridoo sound medicine. No previous experience is required.

Float Room Construction Workshop
1pm – 2pm
70 person capacity
DIY Float Rooms

Have you ever been interested in building your own float room in a commercial setting or in the privacy of your own home? In this workshop, DIY Float Rooms will provide a detailed and insightful lesson on how to do just that.

Some of the main topics will include:

Pros and Cons

Venturing out and building your own custom float room could seem to be a daunting task and is not for everyone. We will discuss the pros and cons of buying from a manufacture vs building it yourself.

Construction Materials

With the vast variety of construction materials, it can be a little overwhelming and hard to choose what material is right for your application. We will cover issues such as soundproofing, filtration, tub/wall material, and more.

Cost Comparison

We will help breakdown the costs of building an entry level float room to a high end float room. So whether you have a limited budget or want to go all out, we’ve got you covered.

At the end of our workshop, we hope to leave you with a better understanding of every aspect of constructing your own float room. The format will include both short presentation and audience Q&A.

Darkness Therapy – Personal Growth and Therapy Opportunities of Chamber REST
5pm – 7pm
40 person capacity

Marek is a young academic worker and researcher at the University of Ostrava, in the Czech Republic. He has been researching a new service that is rapidly growing mainly (but not only) in the Czech Republic called “Darkness Therapy” which he recognized as a form of chamber REST. He received his Ph.D. at Palacký University Olomouc, where he initiated REST research within his studies in 2010.

Marek is studying the development of “darkness therapy” in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with an interest in furthering the research and publications, and he is the leading expert in this field. In the future, he would like to focus mostly on the possibilities of the development of mindfulness, changes in physiological processess, and personal growth and therapeutic application in the environment of chamber REST. He is unique having experienced chamber REST as a client, as a therapist/custoder, and as a researcher.

In the initial part of the workshop, we will define the terms “darkness therapy“ and chamber REST, and delimit the latter in contrast with the flotation REST. We will also go through the general review of already proven therapeutic effects of chamber REST.

In the second part, we will focus on providing floating related service – the darkness therapy. The presentation includes a preview of the facility and the equipment necessary or very recommended for smooth operations, all focused on the practical aspects of organizing and providing such a service. We will briefly go through original contemporary research studies, and sufficient amount of time will be dedicated to both the client and provider (custoder/therapist) point of view, and, of course, all questions and discussion will be welcomed.

Letters from the Void: Book Release Party and Open Mic
2pm – 5pm
No capacity limit

Join us for an evening of literary and musical entertainment to celebrate the release of our new book! Letters from the Void is an anthology of creative prose and poetry inspired by floating. The party will start with our incredibly talented wordsmiths reading their favorite selections from the book. Then after that, we’ll open up the stage to the rest of the Float community to showcase their skills in an open mic! So, if you have a poem to read, or a song to sing, or can play a guitar, come join us!

No need to reserve a ticket, just stop on by!

The Floatlympics
12pm – 5pm
No capacity limit

Are you the fastest towel folder in the industry?

How quickly can you clean a Takiron floor?

How much does that big glass bowl of salt weigh?

Come be goofy and non-competitively competitive with us and test your float center related skills at this year’s first ever Floatlympics!

There’ll be more details to come, but some activites will remain shrouded in secrecy until the day of the event. Come stop by between your other scheduled activities! Who knows, you could walk away with the chartruese medal or a cerulean ribbon!?

The Soul of the Float Industry: 2017-2018
3pm – 5pm
70 person capacity
Float Collective Logo

In 2016, we came together as a float community to reflect on who we are, who we want to be, and where we’re all headed together as an industry. It was a lively, interactive discussion that led to some answers, but also to a lot of new questions. This year, we’re coming back together to check in with where we consider ourselves today relative to the goals we defined last year. We’ll also introduce the Float Collective team, which in many ways is a response to those questions that we collectively identified last year. Join us to remember and explore why we all got into this crazy, amazing, busy and diverse industry to begin with, where we’re headed in the future, and how Float Collective wants to serve us all in our shared goals.

Manufacturer’s Workshop
3pm – 5pm
40 person capacity
Organized by the Float Conference

This will be a venue for float manufacturers to come together and discuss recent developments in float sanitation and regulations. The conversation will be facilitated by Jason MacDonald.

Space will be limited, so priority will be given to current manufacturers and prospective manufacturers. If you’re interested in attending, please email us at conference@floathq.com.

Talks from the 2017 Speaking Applicants
3pm – 7pm
70 person capacity
Organized by the Float Conference

Each year people from the float community submit applications to speak at the Float Conference, and we let you vote on who you want to see take the main stage. But speaking time is limited at the conference, and so many of the applications seem too great to not be heard, so we put together this event so you can hear all the float wisdom people have to share.

Perfecting Your Client’s Float Experience: The How and Why of Pre & Post Float Dialogue
1pm – 4pm
40 person capacity

Drawing on his thousands of floating hours since 1971, his design and delivery of workshops for the “best of the best” global communication professionals at top 10 ad agencies and his 100% success rate for disappearing every type & form of PTSD through dialog-based floatation therapy sessions, Professor Thompson, through his methodologies, utilized over 43 years to solve critical problems of Fortune 500 corporations, will facilitate each attendee’s development of their strategic communication skills and knowledge to provide them with an invaluable tool box of human software that will allow a deeper understanding of the role of Mind in optimizing every client float experience.

Enhancing Your Client’s Experience With Kangen Water
9am – 10am
10am – 11am
11am – 12pm
70 person capacity

Customer satisfaction and experience is key to having repeat business. Find out how one device can enhance your customers experience to bring more repeat business, new business, and helping you go green.

Kangen Water device has been used in Japan for over 40 years and is certified as a medical device. It makes seven different types of waters which can be used as a disinfectant, skin moisturizer, drinking water, and so much more. We will show you how this one device has increased sales, business, customer retention, and customer satisfaction in several business models.

Change Your Water. Change Your Life!!!

Tales from a Small 2-Tank Center
6pm – 7pm
30 person capacity

We run a 2-tank center in a smaller market. We’d like to talk about the challenges and pitfalls of the smaller center. Things we wish we knew. We’ll share our experiences.

BioMat Demo Sessions
9am – 11am
Biomat Sessions on Table & Chairs: 6 people every 20 minutes

The BioMat is a therapeutic device combining Far-Infrared Rays, Negative Ions and Amethyst quartz crystals to produce deep penetrating light wave energy and heat for a maximum sense of well being and healing experience.

When resting on the BioMat, you are receiving a molecular massage, which may increase blood and lymphatic circulation, stimulating maximum enzyme activity and detoxification, reducing acidity for more beneficial ph balance in the body. Benefits may include boosted immune function, rejuvenation of skin, reduction of pain, swelling, stress and fatigue, balancing metabolism and weight loss, elevated energy, and increased deep delta state of relaxation.

BioMats are used personally at home to sleep on & professionally in offices as an independent therapy.

When scheduling, we have Massage tables and zero gravity chairs with multiple-sized BioMats provided for an experience.

Sign up by clicking on the event of your choice!

All of the Friday Activities will culminate in a big Welcome Party that is open to everyone!

The Welcome Party will start at 7:30pm, and is located at the World Trade Center, in their Outdoor Plaza. It’s about a 15 minute walk from the Friday Activities. Address and walking directions from the Friday Activities.

Special thanks to Float Fuel for helping make our Welcome Party possible!

Float Fuel