Friday Activities

On Friday, August 11th (the day before the Float Conference), we’ve set up a day of fun smaller activities that are open to everyone coming to the Float Conference. The activities will be taking place at various times between 8am-8pm on that Friday (finishing just in time for the Welcome Party on that Friday night).

Sign-ups for Friday Activities will happen closer to the conference.

These activities are organized by your fellow members of the float community.

If you’d like to put on a your own Friday Activity,
email us at!

Marketing Forum
1pm – 8pm
450 person capacity
Organized by the Float Conference
If there is one thing every center needs (besides salt), it’s a solid flow of customers. Once your float center is up and running, marketing quickly becomes one of your biggest tasks. In fact, according to our 2016 State of the Industry report, marketing is the single largest challenge that float centers face.

With this in mind, we’re happy to announce the first ever Float Conference Marketing Forum.

The Marketing Forum will broken into four chunks, each tackling a marketing topic that is vital to the success of your float center:

Social Media
We all know we have to be on there, but why… more importantly, how do we do it well? In this panel we’ll cover the basics of the different social media platforms, which ones you should be on, how to tailor your messaging to attain the biggest reach, and what numbers truly matter when measuring your effectiveness.

Community Building
When your budget is low, one of the best resources you have is building relationships in your community to help fuel your word of mouth. In this panel, we’ll discuss grassroots programs you can perform to reach niche audiences, how you can build a float center through influencer endorsements, and why partnerships with other organizations in your city can produce a constant flow of traffic.

Pricing and Memberships
The perfect price is more than a simple math equation of costs + desired markup. Learn about how and when to discount your floats, the pros and cons of various membership structures, and how to use your prices to incentivize the type of behaviour you want.

Customer Service
We’re in the business of providing people with experiences, and the customer service you provide is a big part of that. We’ll discuss the different factors that can effect the experience your customers have, from how your center is laid out, to what amenities you offer, to knowing the right time to enforce your policies.

Each topic will have a panel made up of some of the most successful float centers in the business, including Float House, Float Toronto, us (Float On), Float STL, Modern Gravity, Float Sixty, The Float Spot, Beyond Rest, and the Zero Gravity Institute.

The format will include short poignant presentations, audience Q&A, and panel discussion facilitated by Derek W Wyatt, one of our main marketers here at Float On.

Come join us as we discuss and share the practical information that can help fill up your tanks!

Bus Tour of Portland’s Float Centers
2pm – 8pm
60 person capacity (across 2 buses)
Organized by the Float Conference
Come on a tour of Portland’s float centers! Portland has a nice mix of different float center setups, ranging from centers that only provide floating, to centers that have floating built into a whole wellness center, to massage studios with floating as an additional service.

We’ll be taking two buses from place to place. One of them is a cherry red double decker bus, and the other is a sleek luxury bus. Both of them will be serving craft beer, so we can tour the float centers in style.

How to Work with Veterans Using Flotation
Time TBD
Capacity TBD
Pathways has been actively working with veterans and their families using a variety of alternative healing modalities for several years. This year’s workshop is designed to give those who are considering becoming float center owners, along with existing float center owners, valuable information and insights in working with veterans. This year, Pathways will be providing access to Pathways research centers and how to become part of the Pathways veterans health savings accounts and how to get paid to provide local veterans services at their individual float centers.
The Science Behind Floating: Restoring Energy Safely
Thursday: 3pm – 7pm &
Friday: 9am – 12pm
20 person capacity
Organized by Tom Fine
Please note that this activity starts on the afternoon of Thursday 8/10. Please plan travel and accomodations accordingly.

Tom Fine is one of the original float tank researchers, and is responsible for some of the earliest and most significant studies done with float tanks. Over the course of this two day workshop, Tom will break down all the science behind how float tanks affect the body and the mind.

You’ll walk out of this workshop with a solid understanding of the physiological and psychological effects of floating, and will have a good foundation of knowledge to pull from when talking to your float customers. Tom will also delve into other practices that can be used with floating, various forms of relaxation, mindfulness etc, and how pairing them may have synergistic effects.

Topics that will be covered in this workshop:

Key physiological changes while floating:
– Autonomic Nervous System’s (ANS)
– Hypothalamic Pituitary-Adrenal system
– Immune system
– Central Nervous system
– Stress Response System.

The psychological effects of floating:
– Effects on mood and affect
– Effects on perception
– Effects on thought
– Effects on sensation seeking
– Effects on field dependence
– Effects on hypnotic susceptibility
– Single float vs frequent floats
– Floating and Altered States of Consciousness

Therapeutic effects of repeated floats:
– Therapeutic Factors of repeated floating
– Stress related physical disorders
– Anxiety
– Acute Pain and Chronic recurrent pain
– PTSD, eating disorders, phobias

Didgeridoo Journey
Time TDB
Capacity TBD
Organized by Corey Constanzo
The didgeridoo has been used for thousands of years to facilitate access to deep subconscious states. Join Corey in an effortless meditative journey into the dreamtime through various sounds and rhythms of the Didgeridoo and guided imagery and visualization.
More events to come soon!