Portland’s Float Centers

Float tanks have been in Portland for several decades in the form of 2 Samadhi tanks at a spa called the Everett House, but in the last few years they have started to truly become a Portland sensation.

Float OnWe (Float On) opened our doors in 2010 on a quirky street in the Southeast of Portland called Hawthorne. We started right up with 4 float tanks and then went on to add 2 more tanks in 2012 (we currently have two Ocean Float Rooms, two custom built float tanks, a Superior tank and a Zero Gravity Room). We run our 6 tanks 24 hours a day.

In early 2011 we were joined by Mudra Massage, who added an Oasis tank to their massage studio. And at the end of 2011, The Float Shoppe joined the crew of Portland float centers with 3 tanks, which they’ve recently increased to 4 (a Tranquility pod, a Floatarium, an i-sopod, and a custom built open float room). The Float Shoppe started offering additional services such as massage and acupuncture, and then expanded into a community center to start offering yoga and other classes.

Float ShoppeTogether, we have brought floating to the people of Portland, running over 75,000 floats between us in the last 5 years alone. Float tanks have been in newspapers, magazines, on tv, and in blogs across the city, and continue to grow in awareness and popularity.


Enso FloatWe’re now happy to be joined by the newest addition to the gang, Enso Float. Enso float is currently in construction, and will be opening soon in the Pearl District of Portland.

Between us, Portland has float centers spread across many of its busiest neighborhoods, and as we continue to grow and expand, Portland continues to become one of the float capitals of the world.