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While most of our speakers are hand-picked float experts, we keep a few select speakings spots open for people that you get to choose!

We figured, you guys are the ones coming to watch the presentation, why shouldn’t you get a say?

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Ryan Munsey
Natural Stacks • Virginia Beach, Virginia
Neurotransmitters and Hacking Your Feelings
Ryan Munsey
Talk Description

Not all of us have the great fortune to float daily.

Learn how changing your physiology can alter your feelings to create the ideal mental environment you seek for peak performance.

You’ll gain a crucial understanding of our hard-wired neurological pathways and how we can alter our feelings through healthy lifestyle choices and strategic short-term “biohacks”.

About Ryan

The Chief Optimizer at Natural Stacks and host of the Optimal Performance Podcast, Ryan is a leading expert on human performance.

A former fitness model, with a Dietetics degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Clemson University, Ryan has created and sold a performance training facility (House of Strength), written for leading fitness publications (Men’s Fitness, T-Nation, EliteFTS) is a member of the Men’s Health Fitness Council, and spends his days as the Chief Optimizer at Natural Stacks, a supplement company leading the way in brain health and optimization.

A noted keynote speaker, private and corporate consultant, Ryan’s client resume includes Olympic, professional and collegiate athletes, rocket scientists, Hollywood celebrities, special forces operators, neuroscientists, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and “weekend warriors.” Ryan speaks to equally diverse, yet performance-driven groups, from strength coaches at training certification programs to biohackers at international summits.

Hannah Dewhirst
hannahdewhirst.com • Detroit, MI
Floating: An Architectural Laboratory for Experience
Hannah Dewhirst
Talk Description

For the past year and a half, I have been working with a custom float tank that I built in my architectural studio, in order to experiment with spatial, experiential, and sensory information. This custom float tank is a spatial tool, a “zeroed condition,” over which I can test and experiment with light, sound, touch, and time. What happens when we introduce carefully curated sensory experiences into the float tank? A square of sky, a repetitive soundtrack, moving color, light refraction, fog, or a warm rain falling softly onto the body.

In this talk, I will present a series of qualitative findings that I have documented through video, photography, written analysis, and architectural drawing/collage. I believe that there are a number of untapped scientific, holistic, and perceptual applications to this body of research, and would love to start a conversation with the float community. I will also share the process of constructing this custom float tank, which is extremely durable and lightweight.

About Hannah

Hannah Dewhirst is an architect, artist, & educator based in New York and Detroit. Hannah’s spatial practice investigates human perception and the search for the Utopian condition. Through sensory isolation, choreographed spatial configurations, and time-based experiments, she investigates states of consciousness and individual psychological limits.

The arms of Hannah’s architectural practice exist as an inseparable triage: unfettered spatial experimentation, pedagogical positioning, and layered, allegorical documentation. Through spatial experimentation, she has developed a tool-based method of testing that allows her to deeply investigate ideas before implementing them into a building or space. This generative methodology and the resulting spatial findings are catalogued, re-contextualized, and revealed through narrative, pedagogy, and built form.

As an important counterpart to her spatial experimentation, Hannah’s ongoing research examines historical and contextual definitions of architectural Utopias, both planned and unplanned. Hannah is co-founder of the design studio SUBTUDIO with Ingrid A. Schmidt, which focuses primarily on material exploration, illusion, and bodies.

Bryan Phillips
Sedona Sacred REST • Sedona, Arizona
Training for the Transpersonal: Yogic Techniques from Indian & Tibetan Stimulus-Reduced Practice Traditions & Application Potentials for REST Environments
Bryan Phillips
Talk Description

While John Lilly is hailed as the inventor of the contemporary float tank, for centuries in South Asia human consciousness explorers have developed techniques for withdrawal of the senses (pratyahara in Sanskrit) and extended solo retreats in dark huts (mun khang in Tibetan). In this talk I will introduce some of the foundational orientations and practices of these traditions for developing subtle body awareness and heightened focus, and will discuss potential applications for both floatation & chamber REST environments.

About Bryan

Bryan Phillips holds advanced degrees from Harvard Divinity School and the University of Virginia. His doctoral & post-doctoral research has focused on Tibetan systems for the development of heart-centered awareness. He is the author of The Lotus Song: Heart Pulse of Buddhist Tantra & the audio entrainment CD Lotus: Awaken to Compassion (Sacred Acoustics). His scholarship has appeared in the Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies and he has presented on topics of tantric yoga at the American Academy of Religion, the Royal University of the Kingdom of Bhutan, and the University of British Columbia. He is owner-operator of Sedona Sacred REST in Sedona, Arizona.

Sandeep Prakash
Floating to Wholeness: A Jungian Approach to Psycho-Spiritual Transformation in the Tank
Sandeep Prakash
Talk Description

Floating is coming of age right when society is reaching its breaking point: nearly a million people take their lives every year, wars and poverty ravage societies around the world, and totally new health problems—like ADHD or phone addiction—are challenging the way we’re living our lives. Floating might just pull off the band-aids covering our psychological wounds, but are we prepared for what happens next?

I emerged from a float after a 3 day wilderness vision fast with an epiphany: floating can change the world precisely because it is a Rite of Passage for our times. The psychologist C.G. Jung postulated that the old containing myths of religion no longer serve us, and everyone of us must rise to the challenge of facing both the beauty and the terrifying in their own unconscious. Jung thought that by healing wounds and integrating them we can realize our spiritual purpose on Earth. Floating may activate the highly sophisticated imaginal organ that’s been fine-tuned over millennia to relay communication with the unconscious. We’ll look at the mythic dimension of floating, trauma, and the journey to wholeness from a Jungian perspective. I’ll share how floaters and float center owners can hold space for difficult experiences and psycho-spiritual transformation.

I’ll also share preliminary findings from my research on the phenomenology of healing emotional trauma through floating. Floating may provide a deeply subjective, individual journey from being soul-lost to soul-full. While the float industry is facing pressure to produce evidence that floating treats specific problems and symptoms, my research suggests that over-medicalizing floating distracts from the lived experience of healing. We’ll see how a rich, imagistic inner life can help a person that suffers from trauma.

About Sandeep

Sandeep is a Ph.D. candidate at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and describes himself as a “psychologist gone rogue.” He’s done research that challenges conventional boundaries of psychology and indigenous shamanic arts, such as tantric Yoga in India and San Pedro visioning in Peru.

His current research on floating inquires into the lives of people who have used floating to heal from emotional trauma. While complementary brain research can show how symptoms change over time with floating, rich qualitative data sheds surprising insights on just how people approach their ghosts in the tank to transform their relationship to trauma.

Sandeep is the co-founder of a new float center, as well as a workshop facilitator, teacher, and musician.

Logan Skees
Trainer Space • Boca Raton, Florida
Translating the Float Tank Experience for Combat Veterans – a Young Marine’s Perspective
Talk Description

A compelling testimony from a young Marine who overcame the stresses of war, the transition home, and now serves to empower other military veterans through Trainerspace, a revolutionary new fitness center in South Florida.

About Logan

Logan Skees is 25 years old and served four years in the United States Marine Corps between 2010 – 2014. In between deployments to Afghanistan as an Infantry Rifleman, he was stationed and trained at Camp Lejeune, NC.

After two successful combat deployments, he faced the cold reality of returning to a life as a civilian that he knew very little about. Logan’s talk will share an inspired testimony on how he overcame the stresses of war on the front lines in Afghanistan, his transition home, and how floating helped him find his purpose in life through entrepreneurship.

Logan’s work through Trainerspace has allowed him and his team to empower other combat veterans during their transition home. He fundamentally believes that Float Tank therapy has produced the most profound effects in his life.

Geert Boets
The Great Boost • Limburg, Belgium
A Bending of Gratitude
Talk Description

This talk is short and deep.

In this talk I express gratitude to life, to existence. These words came out after an intense float experience. It is a summary of 9 years consciousness work and 3 years floating, in a few words.

Even if it comes from a personal space, it is very recognizable and touching. The topic affects all of us. It reminds us why we do what we do. It is challenging to share. But I think this is what we want, so I’ll take it!

About Geert

I am Geert Boets, 45 years old, born and raised in Belgium.

I have a technical degree. In 2008 I got diagnosed a hereditary neuropathy, so I got categorized as muscular disease patient.

From that point I changed my life. I stopped my job and started to find out the meaning of life, the value. I found a lot of good things, such as floating :-)

In 2016, I started a float center in Belgium. I combine floating with body treatments. I chose the most beneficial and effective ones to support the body. If you want to change things in life, the treatments seem to accelerate many processes!

Bibi Lafleur
Wellness Biz Network • Melbourne, Australia
How to Market to Your Most Profitable Customers – Women
Talk Description

I’ll share 3 successful strategies you can use to increase sales and customer loyalty with your female customers. I’m passionate about floating and truly believe in its ability to change lives and therefore I want to help you reach as many women as possible in the most effective way.

About Bibi

Bibi Lafleur is a problem solver for people who want to profit from their wellness business. Through growing an online store, 2 retail shops and partnering in a float centre, she’s here to help you love your business again, while making it all feel like a walk in the park. When she’s not helping entrepreneurs and business owners, you can find her at the beach with her kids, dancing to her favourite songs or working on her new start up – Wellness Biz Network!

Maurice Boughton
Invisible Stereo • Byhalia, Mississippi
Brief Overview of Design and Implementation of Audio Transducers for Affordable and Effective Sound Insertion into the Float Environment
Maurice Boughton
Talk Description

Sound can, and often has, played a crucial role in the Float experience. Ever since the days when Flotation Tanks were known solely as “Sensory Deprivation Chambers,” the use of sound to augment the Float experience has been paramount to providing “the next level” of the sensory experience.

To that end, I have devoted many years toward improving the quality of the sound delivered into the Float environment, as well as introducing a “Resonant Therapy” effect where desired. My talk would center on exploring and exploiting the benefits of those aspects, as well as prescribe the most effective ways to accomplish those goals. I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to do so!

About Maurice

39 years experience with adapting Audio Transducers into Flotation Tanks. Currently supplying Transducers to several European and EU Tank Mfg. Responsible for several Flotation Start-ups and the design of advanced Audio systems for both Residential and Commercial Float Tank and Room applications.

Henry Boyle
Open Source Consciousness • Wellington, New Zealand
Open Sourcing Augmented Floatation
Henry Boyle
Talk Description

Over the years people have experimented broadly when it comes to augmenting the float experience. Recent improvements in virtual reality and bio-ware technologies now give exponential leaps in the range of experiences possible through augmented flotation.

I recently completed a Masters thesis investigating the many applications of augmented floatation. From virtual reality induced psychedelic experiences to increased mental and athletic performance.

My research also involved investigating the flotation industry and I’m blown away by how vast and supportive it is. Seeing the deep seeded passion in the industry made me ask myself, how can augmented floating have the best impact on the float community? I think a solution could be found in an open source community. A place where people can develop, discuss, and explore what is possible in the float tank.

I will present key research findings, methods of augmented floatation, and steps that are being taken to grow this community.

About Henry

My background is in psychology, business and music. I have a BSc in Psychology and an MA in Innovation and Commercialisation.

I first experimented with augmenting the flotation experience in 2015. I jumped in a float tank with a google cardboard virtual reality headset loaded with a 60-minute film I had cut together. The experience was surreal, and ever since I have been focused on exploring augmented flotation further.

I spend most of my time producing music for the float tank, compiling client-specific auditory experiences. The rest of my time is spent on researching what is possible, connecting with the New Zealand virtual and augmented reality community, and of course, floating!

Bruce A. Thompson
Liquid Floats • Austin, Texas
Notes From the Journey of a Well-Floated Mind
Bruce Thompson
Talk Description

What the friends we meet along the way do best is share notes from the Journey. This is the basis of my talk.

What then has been my journey? What might be the value to others of my ‘notes’? In childhood, I became as comfortable with extra sensory perceptions as those of my five senses. As a result, in dialogs with our spa’s clientele I can facilitate their gains from floating by feeling and seeing what they have experienced but not understood nor how to apply.

Awakened by a formal education and enlightened mentoring that caused me to love learning, there was no pursuit of knowledge that did not seem possible or that I could not probably master. As a result, when I came upon floating, Dr. Lilly and his findings all made instant, complete sense.

From 1971, I have floated thousands of hours with more forever being revealed and welcomed. As a result, nothing experienced through floating by anyone should feel unfamiliar to me. What is more, the decades of being seated in a Quiet Mind has kept me open to novelty in every form.

With this education, mentoring, ever-curious mind and the tool that is floating, I created a 43-year career solving critical problems of Fortune 50 corporations across every business discipline. As a result, there is not a business issue to do with communication, strategy, decision-making, project management, innovation, operating systems, finance, human resource development, marketing, quality control, etc. of which you will not find me a source of useful information.

Since 2015, with family, we have owned and operated one of the largest float centers in the US, enjoying handsome profits from the first month, while conducting pro bono dialog-based, floatation therapy research that has “unplugged” every type and form of PTSD, assessing the state of the industry, expanding into next-next pod manufacturing and whole concept centers. As a result, I can speak from successful experience on common problems, equipment issues, dysfunctional franchises, therapy advices, ideal staff, best software, traffic generation, operating system metrics and how to thoroughly enjoy being a “portal to consciousness on Main Street.”

Knowledge is best demonstrated by the questions we know to ask. Therefore, I would present by posing “what if” questions that ideally stir new viewpoints to help us muse on possible answers.

About Bruce

It has been suggested by a finer mind than mine that the life well lived is that wherein one never ceases their search and at the end of all exploring finds themselves back at their beginnings … to know them for the first time.

My beginnings were of conversations in the deep woods of my childhood with the river and trees. Exploration continued as dialogue with beloved teachers at Georgetown, Harvard, MIT and Columbia, while honed through enlightening personal interludes with the iconic minds of Abraham Maslow, Buckminster Fuller, Krishnamurti, L. Ron Hubbard, W. Edwards Deming and David Boehm. Befitting of the 60’s, there was also Ram Dass humor, Iyengar yoga, sweat lodge rigor, endless fasts, silence retreats, ethno botany discoveries and lots of Dylan.

Also, on this learning journey came more ‘in and of this world’ discoveries: how sophisticated business was conducted as one of the “Mad Men” on Madison Avenue mastering the fiercely efficient work ethic of the global economy. The ever returning to beginnings … in an ascending spiral … toward Native State and Source … was facilitated by thousands of float hours since 1971.

One major viewpoint served as guide: A new Golden Age had begun as Science once again aligned with Wisdom: demonstrating through the New Physics the reality of mystic teachings. These truths, I believed, if adeptly utilized, could gradually evolve global corporations into the sacred institutions of the next millennium.

Thus, my 43-year career: awakening, in various degrees, over 50,000 executives and managers through solutions to critical problems of Fortune 50 corporations.

The product of confronting these very human issues of unaligned minds, fear-based thinking and material obsession was a methodology I termed Human Technology, which when presented, in a key note speech, to the high tech global elite, The Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers, was acknowledged and lauded as “the technology of technologies.”

All of this was the fruit of a well-floated quiet mind, seated in Native State. Then I used it to reengineer public education systems in China for 5 years. Now, I assist my sons in their float-based ventures, float 7-18 hours a week, and research how to “unplug” all that’s in the way of optimal human potential.

Jennifer Cogburn
Sacred Waters • Long Island City, NY
Reading Client’s Energy: How to help EVERYONE relax
Jennifer Cogburn
Talk Description

Learn tips and tricks to pick up on whats going on with your clients’ feelings and emotions even when they don’t tell you – and how to adjust their energy to help them feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed while they float.

About Jennifer

Jennifer’s relationship with water began at 6 months old when her mom Debbie noticed and supported the connection by swimming with her regularly and even dropping her under to watch her come up laughing. Her happiest place is in the ocean – whether floating on top of the water, deep below its surface, or simply standing in the surf. She is a returning resident of LIC and loves connecting with every person she meets.

Jen spent 11 years in commodity trading (floating 2-3x/month!) before trading in her heels for barefoot walks in the woods. Her yearning to do something bigger started after 6 weeks in India. She knew what waited for her when she returned to NYC: a job in corporate America; mentalities of capitalism and urges for more possession and less austerity, more winning and less compassion; STRESS; attitudes of entitlement instead of sacrifice, earning instead of living, detachment instead of engagement, conflict instead of peace.

She didn’t want to leave India. She didn’t want to shave the hair from her legs or wash the red dirt from her feet. She didn’t want to wipe the sand from her body or rinse the salt from her hair. She didn’t want to eat sitting at a table, she wanted to eat sitting on the floor. She wanted refreshingly cold showers that made her feel alive. And that began a 4 year journey to SacredWater.

Pieces of her journey from then until now are an integrated part of SacredWaters. Stones from India. Branches, boulders, and moss from the Catskill mountains where she studied medical botany. Gifts from Wild Women, friends, and teachers. Workshops and classes that have supported her individual growth are now offered to others in the space. Her vision and our goal is to hold space for a community of people searching to express their most authentic selves.

Jen offers meditation classes, herbal consultations, and past-life regressions. She also facilitates a Waking the Wild Woman Circle (men welcome!) once a quarter.

Gary Ferguson
Pathways for Veterans • Sacramento, CA
Float Away Anxiety and Stress
Gary Ferguson
Talk Description

Gary will share the latest research information gathered by Pathways during this past year while working with veterans. He will also share his personal transformation from floating along with his receint experiences from having emergency open heart surgery during which he received a 7 way bipass and new heart valve. Having his heart stopped for an hour and 22 minitutes and then restarted after three attempts has given Gary insites from the other side that are not of this world. His doctors were stuned when he left the hospital after 6 days, pain free, let alone his speedy recovery of under six weeks before going back to supporting our veterans. Gary says, “Had I not had the benifit over 150 hours of float time I would not have gained axcess to the internal wisdom and bio-energitic strength to survive death for the second time.”

About Gary

Now experiencing the winter months of my physical experience in this life form I find myself being prepared for what’s next. My spiritual experiences, that were enhanced by my floating experiences have now surrounded me with the top talent in the world representing alternative healing care. Being part of the global transformation of health care is who I am. Who I was is best reflected on the Pathways for Veterans website under “Gary’s story.” My life’s journey of over 70 years has been extraordinary and I am blessed to be part of the game changers in health care I now call my float family. G.Force

Danno Vivarelli
Starloop • B.C., Canada
How We Get 100’s of Online Reviews for Float Centers (and How to Copy Us)
Danno Vivarelli
Talk Description

Starloop.com founder reveals how he’s helping float centers get hundreds of online reviews quickly and ethically. Discover how to easily get reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor or any site you want to attract more guests.

About Danno

Daniel Vivarelli is an online reputation specialist and Regenerative Capitalist on a mission to plant 1 million trees. Danno believes in business as a force for good and believes our relentless consumerism can help heal our damaged biosphere.

He has successfully developed a “one tree for one review” concept. His company Starloop.com plants a tree each time they help a float center get an online review.

Vidmantas Zemleris
Pluduriuok LLC • Vilnius, Lithuania
On Predicting Water/Air Temperature Individually for Each Floater
Vidmantas Zemleris
Talk Description

We’ve noticed large differences in prefered temperatures among floaters and how that affects float quality – I’ll discuss what I’ve learned so far by floating at 11+ float centers. The current best rule of thumb seemS to be: set water/air temperature at lower optimum of ~34.2C, and control air temp/humidity/ventilation.

However, in such a setup, still some people complain feeling “cold” or “hot” while floating, and I believe this might be improved. So, I will open up this for an open discussion and I will present our unique idea: try to develop optimal air temperature prediction for individual-client using machine learning.

More about the problem: blog.pluduriuok.lt/2017/06/11/eu-float-centers-review/

An early preview of the idea: given some measurements (e.g.: client’s skin temperature) it could use machine learning (e.g. linear regression) to calculate float tank air temp to use. To calibrate it, it would need many sample data-points (trials and errors), and maybe some heuristics, so the more float centers join-in, the better results we should obtain.

Ideas for the measurements to use: skin temperature (e.g. remote IR thermometer), “if did sports recently,” “if stressed or if often feeling cold,” “is it hot outside,” “usually prefered floating temp., if any,” “air humidity,” etc.

About Vidmantas

Founder of to be the biggest and hopefully the most advanced float center in Vilnius, Lithuania. Software developer geek, currently specializing big-data and tools for data analysis and governance, at www.kensu.io

Previously worked as big-data developer at Vinted.com e-marketplace, and as a developer at the “Compact Moun Solenoid Experiment” at CERN, Switzerland.