029: Bob Crandall (Conference Q&A)

This is the Q&A portion of Bob Crandall’s talk at the 2014 Float Conference. 

To listen to his original talk, please refer to podcast episode 18.

For almost four decades, Bob Crandall has worked and studied in a wide range of water quality, environmental, technical, and policy areas within the private and public sectors. While Bob is retired now, he most recently worked as Assistant Executive Officer for the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board, the agency responsible for protecting water quality for the vast majority of Californians. Prior to that, he served in various capacities with the State’s Dept. of Toxic Substances Control and the California Environmental Protection Agency.

After completing his undergraduate work at Stanford University, Bob returned to school at the University of British Columbia for his master’s degree in Environmental Planning & Natural Resources Mgmt. – one of the first, if not the first, degreed environmental programs in North America. His thesis, “Public Policy for Public Spas and Hot Tubs”, became a reference for public health agencies and industry.

Bob later both served on NSF technical standards committees for UV disinfection and worked as Director of Research for Ultraviolet Technology where he applied his expertise to develop the use of UV and Hydrogen Peroxide to treat spas and therapy pools, in addition to UV disinfection for other various water quality applications. He secured the first public health dept. approval for the use of a non-halogenated disinfectant, and overall was successful in obtaining approvals in more than 50 State and County jurisdictions.

Bob discussed the science behind a UV / Hydrogen Peroxide sanitation system, and his efforts in getting it approved within health departments. This episode is the question and answer portion of his presentation.

Bob was also a guest in episode 6 of the Float Conference Podcast.