033: Stephen Johnson (Opening Conference Talk)

Stephen was both our opening and closing speaker at the 2014 Float Conference. This episode is the opening talk from the 2014 Float Conference. 

Stephen W. Johnson RN, LMP, CSP, BME has worn many hats over the years. Stephen has been a boxer, modern dancer, actor, coach and trainer. He has worked as a Psychiatric Nurse for 27 years, conducted a private practice as a Structural Integrator for over 20 years. He is an Anatomist specializing in Fascial Anatomy, has conducted research, and taught at various schools. He is a Bio Somatic Movement educator, a yoga teacher in the Ashtanga style, a long time meditator in both Soto and Rinzai traditions and a practitioner of Tai Chi / Qi Gong.

En route to an ordination in Interfaith and counseling with an emphasis in the science-spirit interfaith, eco-spirituality and somato-spiritual practices. He is the director of The Spirit Assemblage, which is an educational forum for the definition and exploration of non-religious spirit as it manifests in the self and culture.

Stephen has been working on a series of Lectures/books: “The Body: Physic and Meta-Physic”

To listen to Stephen’s closing talk, check out episode 19 of the Float Conference Podcast.

Stephen also appeared in episode 4.