061: Graham and Ashkahn chat about salty lessons they learned on Float Tour

Graham is another one of the organizers of the Float Conference and co-owner of Float On & Float Tank Solutions. Graham and Ashkahn recently went on a floaty road trip across North America visiting as many float centers as they could. They chat on the podcast about some of the main lessons they learned from seeing so many different float center setups.

Last year, along with Ashkahn, they spoke about how large, monumental projects in the world get accomplished, and how at the end of the day it really comes down to hard work, elbow grease, and uncompromising determination. Graham also appeared on the podcast in episode 53 & episode 7.

Along with another owner of Float On, Jake Marty, the three will be facilitating the How to Start a Float Center Workshop that is held during the two days before the actual Float Conference.