077: Justin Feinstein & Pan Lin – LIBR Research

Justin Feinstein is the head researcher at the Float Clinic and Research Center, a float research facility that is part of the Laureate Institute for Brain Research. He joins the podcast with his newest team member, Pan Lin, who just moved to the US from China to analyze the fMRI data that is coming out of the lab. They chat about the current state of their research, and where they hope it goes.

Dr. Feinstein and his team have been highlights of previous conferences and last year a series of talks were based on their preliminary research.

You can watch these videos and more on the Float Conference YouTube channel:

Justin Feinstein (intro): https://youtu.be/xZxwFqSSIPA
Sahib Khalsa: https://youtu.be/Osoqygmeih4
Kyle Simmons: https://youtu.be/4LEvqj6BB00
Justin Feinstein (fMRI): https://youtu.be/4IOwBs2TpYA

Dr. Feinstein also appeared on previous Float Conference podcast episode 37.