098: Float Sanitation (Conference Panel)

This panel discussion focuses on sanitation and regulations in float tanks, exploring what information we currently know about sanitation in the float environment, what areas still need more research, and what role regulations play in a field that is still developing.

The panelists are:

Jason MacDonald – A health regulator from Canada who has done extensive research into float tanks, and has helped set the policy for how Alberta handles commercial float facilities.

Rich Martin – A representative from NSF International, a non-profit organization that creates standards and safety certifications for products across a number of industries, including pools and spas. Rich has led the effort at NSF International to create a certification for float tanks.

The panel is facilitated by Ashkahn Jahromi, co-owner of Float On and organizer of this conference.

You can watch the full panel from the 2016 Float Conference here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p85vouUekH0