123: Float Marketing Forum 2017 – Social Media

[Apologies in advance for the audio quality of the Marketing Forum episodes.
The content is still amazing and we hope that you enjoy them.]


During the Friday Activities at the 2017 Float Conference, the industry came together to share their thoughts on four specific areas of marketing in the first ever, Float Center Marketing Forum.

In this special episode, you’ll hear from the panel discussion on social media.

Starting off this section Sean Lavery, co-founder of Float Toronto, walked us through the use of social media in his center in Canada.

After Sean’s talk, you’ll hear a group discussion among him and the other panelists:
Andy Zaremba – Float House
Nick Dunin – Beyond Rest
Kevin McCulloch – Float Stl.

After the discussion, we opened things up for some audience Q & A.

The Float Center Marketing Forum was one of the many Friday Activities held at the 2017 Float Conference. This was an experimental activity that we plan on doing again, but we would love your feedback.

What would you like to hear from future Marketing Forum panels?

Email forum moderator, Derek Wyatt (derek@floathq.com), with your suggestions.