Strengthening the Floatation Community

The resurgence of interest in floating is undeniable. Float centers are opening all around the world, scientific research is proving new and exciting medical benefits of floatation therapy, and floatation enthusiasts are spreading the gospel of floating to any and all who will listen.

As with any industry which is small but growing steadily, community support and involvement is going to be integral to our success. Shared information between float center owners, researchers on floatation, and practicers of floatation therapy themselves, will help legitimize and popularize the industry. By offering this forum, we hope to ensure the acceptance and success of floatation therapy in modern society.

The Portland Float Conference aims to cultivate the floatation community by providing an open and welcoming forum for anyone interested in the science, methodology, or practice of floating. We have been told countless times from attendees of the conference that the experience lead to new friends and associates in the industry, and provided invaluable advice and information from leaders in the field.

The Portland Float Conference is for the community, and we welcome your involvement. If you have any interest, questions, or comments about the event, or want to participate as a sponsor, or on our speaker’s panel, contact us today for more information.