Our History

The Float Conference began in 2012 when the owners of Float On decided to organize and host an event for anyone and everyone interested in floatation and the float industry. The conference had a simple goal: to foster growth in the float community by literally bringing everyone together.

Word started to spread, and in October of 2012, float center owners, manufacturers, researchers, and enthusiasts all gathered in Portland, Oregon for the first ever Float Conference. It was the largest float event that had ever been held, and it was so much fun that it simply had to become an annual event.

The conference has seen incredible growth over the years, expanding to include workshops and community run activities, and bringing larger and larger groups together from every corner of the world.

In 2018, after seven years of running the event, Float On decided it was time to pass the torch. The Float Conference was converted into a 501(c)(6) non-profit and setup to be run as a collaborative effort amongst members of the float industry. A board was established, as well as an operations team, and for the first time ever, the event moved from Portland and began traveling to a new city each year.

The Float Conference is now only possible thanks to members of the float industry pitching in to help. If you’d like to help out, sign up for our conference planning mailing list below! We will send updates and callouts to that list when there are roles that need to be filled.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Matthew Smith & Jamie Phillips

From floating a thousand people out of their basement to now operating 6 tanks in Edmonton, AB, Matt and JP have always been hooked on what floating could really do for people. These guys love the industry and entrepreneurship, admiring how people from all walks of life, from all over the world, are building businesses and lifestyles that support their communities. In a weird twist of fate, with Matt originally hailing from a wellness background and JP having years of industrial mechanical experience, these two besties happen to be a great combo for operating a float center.

Gloria Morris

Challenged with juggling her responsibilities as a mom, big data technologist, and consultant, Gloria found balance when she floated for the first time in 2015. Float Sixty (her baby) was born nine months later. Now with three locations and two more in early development she is putting her consulting skills to the test in her own businesses. Gloria has a bachelors and masters degree in management and technology adoption but her real education comes from constantly tinkering with software and data.

Tom Fine

Thomas H Fine is a pioneer in the research of Floatation REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy). In 1978, along with John Turner, he established the Floatation REST research program at the University of Toledo College of Medicine (formerly the Medical College of Ohio), where he is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry. Over a twenty year period, Tom and John published numerous papers and edited several books on the physical and mental effects of floatation therapy. Their work focused on psychophysiological and endocrine changes associated with repeated use of a Floatation Tank, and the effects of floating on various stress related disorders. Tom is currently beginning a collaboration with Justin Feinstein at LIBR examining changes in Heart Rate Variability that occur during the Floatation Tank experience.

Sean Lavery & Jesse Ratner-Decle

Jesse and Sean met at university in '05 and have been friends ever since. They are both former athletes that wandered down the path of health and wellness to help ease a couple decades of physical exertion. They eventually found the floatation experience and never looked back. Now they run Float Toronto, a 5 tank centre in Ontario. They have a deep appreciation for the collaborative nature of the float industry and have been invited to speak twice at the Float Conference to share their strategies on marketing and community building in order "keep your tanks full."

Kevin McCulloch & Jacob Resch

Kevin and Jacob founded and operate Float STL, and have since organized and hosted the Rise Float Gathering. Jacob also co-curates Third Wave, a float industry magazine. Kevin is a business school dropout turned psychotherapist. As it relates to the business of floating, Kevin has an interest in marketing, customer service, management, and organizational culture. From a personal and spiritual perspective, Kevin believes in the interconnectedness of all beings, is here to give and receive love, and to be in service to others. Jacob earned undergraduate degrees in psychology, chemistry, and nursing, and completed a masters in psychology. Having over a decade of experiences in these fields, Jacob has evolved and honed his passion for exploring and understanding the human condition, consciousness, and love.

Andy Larson

Andy opened Float Milwaukee in August of 2015. Float Milwaukee was the Milwaukee, WI area’s first dedicated floatation center. Float Milwaukee has expanded to include three float pods and two open float pools. Andy has past and current experience as a director and treasurer of nonprofit boards and is excited to be part of the transition of the Float Conference to a nonprofit endeavor. Prior to starting Float Milwaukee, Andy worked for Joy Global for over four years as State Tax Manager, where he was responsible for the entire state and local tax function. Previously, he worked in public accounting for Ernst & Young and Grant Thornton for eight years. Andy is a CPA in the state of Wisconsin. He has an MS in Taxation from UW-Milwaukee and BBA degrees in Accounting and Finance from UW-Whitewater.

Ashkahn Jahromi & Graham Talley

Graham and Ashkahn are two of the founders of Float On, a float center located in the misty beer-filled land known as Portland, Oregon. They had the pleasure of founding this conference and organizing it for seven years before turning it into an industry run non-profit. They now serve on the board mostly to crack jokes during the board calls that they find funny and everyone else finds disruptive and mildly unprofessional. They hope to one day follow in the footsteps of Lot’s wife and be turned into pillars of salt.

Denver Liaison

Paul & Heather Clift

Samana Float Center

Paul and Heather floated in 2014 and they immediately knew they wanted to be a part of the float community. Leaving careers in Real Estate they focused on opening a center in Denver. In 2016 Samana Float Center was born. They’re currently in the process of opening their 2nd location in Ft. Collins with a scheduled delivery in 2019. With a combined a passion for all things floaty and commitment to being of service they feel blessed to be a part of the float industry. They’re also committed to raising their 2 children (Quincy and Charly) with a focus on how to clean a float center.

Non-Profit Administration

The Float Conference is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization. That means that we belong to you, the float industry. As such, we thrive to maintain a level of reporting and transparency aimed towards giving you an understanding of how the organization runs. Below you will find our Bylaws and Procedures, a financial breakdown of each year of the conference, and notes from all of our board meetings. We have taken the time to summarize and format this information to make it easily digestible for you. Please let us know if there's any other information about the Float Conference that you would like to see!