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146: Zerin Beattie shares his extensive floating and meditation experiences

Zerin Beattie is the founder of XPAND and host of The XPAND Podcast, which focuses on helping push the evolution of consciousness forward. His field of study involves over a decade of meditation, 250+ float sessions, plant medicine ceremonies around the world and an extensive knowledge base in movement, mind-body integration and martial arts.

Sharing some his passion for mindfulness and love of managing Still Water Float Center in Boise, Idaho, we also discuss how he incorporated floating into a daily practice for 30 days in a row and how it had a profound influence on how he perceives the world around him.

145: Business concepts from the World’s Largest Float Center – Mike Ruskow and Andreas Kraemer

We talk with Mike Ruskow and Andreas Kraemer from Just Float, which is currently the world’s largest float center over in Pasadena, California. Mike, one of the founders, began working on the concept of Just Float over 6 years ago and is currently working closely with his Executive Director, Andreas, to continue the shift of their business from simply surviving—to thriving.

During this episode, we touch on a variety of different business-related topics that any float center owner will be curious to listen in on, plus some details on what these two will be discussing during their interview-style presentation at this year’s conference.

144: Roy Vore informs us about microbiology and its relation to Float Tanks

Returning speaker and podcast guest, Dr. Roy Vore speaks to us about his upcoming presentation that continues the informative conversation of germs and float tank solution, specifically in what we can do as float center owners. He also shares more about his background and how he got started down his long-standing career.

Roy is a microbiologist who specializes in pool and spa sanitation, specifically in regards to recreational water illness and has been doing so for the better part of 28 years.

143: Leadership and mindfulness with Dan Price, nationally recognized entrepreneur

In this episode we’re talking with Dan Price, who founded Gravity Payments when he was just 19 years old and has worked hard to maintain his mission of helping hard-working small business owners stay competitive against larger corporations by making credit card processing transparent, fair, and easy. Today, nearly 20,000 independent businesses across all 50 states trust Gravity as their processor.

Dan captured national attention in 2015 when he decided to raise the company’s minimum salary to $70,000 a year. Although he’s been criticized for what some consider his radical policies on pay and equality, Dan believes businesses have enormous power to promote social good, regardless of what industry they’re in, by serving communities instead of shareholders and putting people over profits. We get into great conversation about being a leader within your team, mindfulness in the workplace and the importance of story-telling when it comes to growing our businesses.

142: Dr. Matt Driller discusses exercise physiology and Float-REST for Athletes

On this episode, we have Dr. Matt Driller, who is an academic staff member in Health, Sport and Human Performance at the University of Waikato in New Zealand and has published over 90 peer-reviewed journal articles with a focus on fatigue, recovery and sleep in elite athletes.

We chat about how he got started down the path of exercise physiology, where he first heard of floating and also dive into some of his most recent work which focuses on the use of Float-REST to enhance recovery from exercise in athletes.

141: Mike Zev shares thoughts on international Float trends- Dreampod, 2019 Sponsor

On this episode, we’re chatting with Michael Zev, from Dreampod, one of this year’s amazing Float Conference sponsors. He opened one of Asia’s first commercial float centers back in the late 2000’s and has been manufacturing float pods for almost 5 years now.

We were fortunate enough to get Mike to share his story of how he moved from New York to Hong Kong when he was younger, his first experience with float tanks and his inspiration to get involved in the industry, along with his thoughts on the float trends he’s seeing in Asia and around the world.

140: Flux – Boulder, CO-based Researcher – shares his passion for art and science

Back again with another stellar presentation and slideshow for this year’s conference, Flux shares his amazing story-telling ability in how he was able to combine his passion for art and science into his career and education, along with summarizing the great talk he did last year on Floating and the Immune System.

Flux is working on a double Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience, based at the University of Colorado Boulder, and his dissertation work being in collaboration with Dr. Justin Feinstein at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a focus on understanding how floatation affects the immune system and anxiety.

139: Psychologist, Dr. Jerry Walker on Stress Reduction in the Military

The Float Conference Podcast is back, starting with an interview with a new-to-Float-Con speaker, Dr. Jerry Walker. Jerry is a licensed, board-certified clinical psychologist who currently holds the position of Psychology Services Manager for Nebraska Medicine in Omaha, Nebraska.

We talk about his passion for learning why people do what they do, how he got involved with the military and his most recent research study that was conducted on the effects of flotation therapy for mitigating physiological and psychological stress experienced by airborne intelligence operators.

138: Marketing Forum – Facebook Ad Strategies

During the Friday Activities at the 2018 Float Conference, float marketing professionals joined forces to share their best practices on specific areas of marketing for the second Float Center Marketing Forum.

In this episode, you’ll hear a group presentation on Facebook Ad Strategies.

We’d like to give a special thank you to Joni Sue Cleavenger of and Kyle Robins of Maximum Floats for offering their strategies and best practices for running quality Facebook Ads.

After the discussion, we opened things up for audience Q & A.

137: Marketing Forum – Membership Growth

During the Friday Activities at the 2018 Float Conference, marketing professionals from within this industry joined forces to share their best practices on specific areas of marketing for the second ever, Float Center Marketing Forum.

In this episode, you’ll hear a group presentation on membership growth.

We’d like to give a special thank you to Gloria Morris of Float Sixty and Cindy Molchany for offering their expertise on growing a float center’s membership base.

After the discussion, we opened things up for audience Q & A.