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136: Stephen Johnson – Revisited

This episode is a rerun of an interview conducted with Stephen Johnson for the 2014 Float Conference.

Stephen Johnson has been a long time Float Conference favorite, giving talks about the spirit of the float experience.

In this interview, Stephen discusses his rich and eclectic past, ranging from poetry to boxing to human anatomy.

135: John Turner talks about how float research got started and evolved over time

John Turner worked with Tom Fine back in 1979 as the first two people to actually conduct research on floatation tanks.

John chats with Ashkahn about how that early float research got started, what sort of research questions they investigated, and how it evolved over the years.

134: Tom Fine – Revisited

This episode is a rerun of an interview conducted with Tom Fine for the 2015 Float Conference.

Tom Fine is one of the first people to conduct research using floatation tanks. He’s responsible for some of the most foundational research studies, such as studying cortisol levels in people while floating to deduce reductions in stress. Tom comes on the podcast to talk about his history of float research, and how the landscape of stress research has changed.

133: Dr. Justin Feinstein discusses the Float Research Collective and more

Justin Feinstein runs a float research lab out of the Laureate Institute for Brain Research.

He’s been conducting float research for some years now and is currently working towards a project called the Float Research Collective, an organization with the goal of creating an infrastructure for float research to be conducted in actual commercial float centers.

Justin joins Ashkahn to talk about his vision for the Collective, and about the Friday Activity he’ll be hosting this year to help brainstorm how the organization will function.

132: Dr. Peicheng Hu updates us about the FTA of China

On this episode we hear from Dr. Peicheng Hu, a professor and clinical doctor in the Medical Psychology Department of Peking University in China, and the President of the newly formed Flotation Therapy Association of China.

Professor Hu speaks about his own history with floating, which goes back many years, and about what’s currently happening in the burgeoning Chinese floatation industry.

131: Flux fills us in on his latest research and it’s potential implications

Flux is a Ph.D. candidate and the University of Colorado, Boulder, that has been actively working with the Laureate Institute for Brain Research to research the possible link between floating and the immune system.

He joins Ashkahn to discuss his educational background that has lead him to work on this project, and the implications the data could have.

130: Sahib Khalsa – Revisited

This episode is a look back at an interview conducted with Sahib Khalsa from the 2017 Float Conference.

Sahib is a researcher at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research and has been working for the past few years on studying the effects of floating on patients with anorexia nervosa.

Sahib joined the podcast to discuss the steps necessary to conduct research of this scale and the path forward in his work.

129: The lost art and science of breathing with James Nestor

James Nestor is a science-adventure journalist who has written for Scientific American, Outside Magazine, The New York Times, and more.

As a past conference speaker (2014 & 2015), James will be joining us at the 2018 Float Conference to discuss new research on his forthcoming book on the lost art and science of breathing… and the potential ties to floating.

This episode was made possible by Floatation Locations.

128: Gloria Morris – Float Sixty

Gloria Morris is the owner of Float Sixty with two locations across Chicago and NW Indiana. She’s also close to opening her third float center with the next couple of months. Did we mention all of these locations only took 2.5 years to open?

In this episode, Gloria talks about her background in marketing and how that background has helped her locations thrive and make decisions through her analysis of customer data.

This episode was made possible by Floatation Locations.

127: Certified Pool Operator Training details with Jake Marty

Jake Marty is one of the other founders of Float On and organizers of the Float Conference.

He’ll be teaching the CPO Certification class that takes place the day after the Float Conference.

Mr. Marty joins Ashkahn on the podcast to discuss what the CPO class is, and give more details on how it’s relevant to float centers.