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How to Start a Float Center Workshop

Running a float center is truly different than any other business. Unlike a restaurant or a barbershop, there are no books written on how to build a float center, or years worth of market research to read.

You can’t simply google the problem you’re having, or go to your local float tank supply store to see what they have in stock. Even with some dedicated searching, finding information on building, running, and promoting a float center is
all but absent.

This workshop is here to fix that.

We are Float On, and we’ve been through it all: we’ve tested different types of soundproofing, replaced our floors and walls to handle saltwater, and researched water chemistry to keep our tanks looking pristine. In short, we’ve made all the mistakes so that you don’t have to.

Come find out what took us years of sleepless, salt-covered nights to learn ourselves!
“It recharged my floating batteries…I feel that I have learned a TON about floating, as well as business too.”
Escape Pod Floatation Tanks

– Jeremy Warner,
Escape Pod Floatation Tanks
The Workshop is on the two days before the Conference.
The rest of the year, we run 3 day apprenticeships in Portland.

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