Glasses that Change Your Mood

Color Therapy GlassesOne of the most rewarding things about running Float On, our float center, is being able to give our customers the change in mental state and perception that float tanks and floatation therapy offer. As retailers, we’ve strived to find other products and services that work in conjunction with this, either by furthering the post-float glow, or finding new and interesting ways to offer our customers changes in their perception around-the-clock and outside of the tank.

One of the most successful examples of this has been our fruitful relationship with color therapy glasses from As a company, they’ve been extremely helpful and great to work with, even going so far as to offer free shipping to our center on wholesale orders, an offer they will happily extend to any float center.

Color therapy glasses, for those who might not be familiar with them, are pairs of glasses which come tinted in a rainbow of different colors. Each of the different colors offers unique changes in the wearer’s mental state, creating a variety of different moods and encouraging different modes of thought. Because of our customer’s natural inclination towards this sort of thing (I mean, they are in a float center, after all), they are one of the best-selling items we carry at Float On.

Also, it definitely doesn’t hurt that the glasses themselves are, to put it simply, really cool.

After all their support for floatation therapy, we’ve invited the Color Glasses team to our 2013 Float Conference, so anyone in attendance will be able to meet the people involved in their creation and have an opportunity to try the glasses out for themselves.

We hope you get a chance to stop by their booth and see the world in a new light.