Looking Forward to a Whole Lot More Nothing

Last year’s conference was thrilling. It was the first time we had put on an event of this size and, to say the least, we were a bit nervous. Despite giving ourselves a mere three months to prepare, however, the Portland Float Conference was a resounding success.

Floatation enthusiasts, cutting-edge researchers, and leading members of the industry (many involved in the community for decades) participated in the conference and joined us for our expert panel presentations. The conference was popular even among those newer to floating, and nearly a third of our audience was comprised of people who had been floating for less than a year, but were already expressing their wholehearted support for floatation therapy. The Portland Float Conference became the largest conference on floatation therapy the world has ever experienced, and we appreciate and respect the growing floatation community for making the conference a success.

This year, we have time to plan, and we’ve already begun gathering speakers and sponsors for the upcoming 2013 Portland Float Conference this August. We hope you’ll join us for what will be the world’s largest floatation event.