Portland’s Float Centers

Float OnFloat tanks have been in Portland for several decades in the form of two Samadhi tanks at a spa called the Everett House. We (Float On) opened our doors in 2010 on a quirky street in the Southeast of Portland called Hawthorne. We started right up with four float tanks and then went on to add two more tanks in 2012 (we currently have two Ocean Float Rooms, two custom built float tanks, a Superior tank and a Zero Gravity Room). We run our six tanks 24 hours a day.

Float ShoppeAt the end of 2011, The Float Shoppe opened their doors with three tanks, and later expanded to four (a Tranquility pod, a Floatarium, an i-sopod, and a custom built open float room). The Float Shoppe started offering additional services such as massage and acupuncture, and then expanded into a community center to start offering yoga and other classes.


In 2016, right across the border in Vancouver, Washington, Urban Float, opened their first official franchise location bringing six i-sopod tanks to the area. Enso Float In February of 2017 we were joined by Enso Float. Enso Float has five Floataway tanks in the Pearl District of Portland, and is one of the closest float centers to where the conference is taking place.


Aqua Float LogoFloat NorthWe’re now happy to welcome two new members to the gang: Aqua Float Spa opened in January of 2018 in Happy Valley (just Southeast of Portland), and they have four of the latest Dreampods. Float North is opening just weeks before the Float Conference, and is located in the inner NE of Portland. They’re launching with two Ocean Float Rooms, a Mandala open float pool, as well as several massage rooms and a space for movement classes.


As you can see, Portland has a great variety of centers and float tanks for you to visit while you’re here. They’ll all be open during the Conference, and will all be offering a good discount on floats for Conference attendees. Get info on booking discounted floats here.


You can visit Float On, The Float Shoppe, Enso, and Float North by signing up for this year’s Bus Tour!