2019 Schedule

Schedule Overview

Wednesday, Sept. 25

CPO Registration: 8am – 8:45am
Certified Pool/Spa Operator Training: 9am – 6:30pm

Thursday, Sept. 26

Workshop Registration: 8am – 8:45am
Start a Center Workshop (Day 1): 9am – 7pm

Friday, Sept. 27

Start a Center Workshop (Day 2): 9am – 1pm
Friday Activities: 9am – 7pm

Saturday, Sept. 28

Conference Registration: 8am – 8:45am
Float Conference (Day 1): 9am – 6:30pm

Sunday, Sept. 29

Float Conference (Day 2): 10am – 5:00pm

Detailed Schedule

Sept 25Wednesday

CPO Training Begins!

hosted by Float Tank Solutions

For CPO Sign Ups Only

The Certified Pool/Spa Operator training course is a certification given by the National Swimming Pool Foundation. The information in this course is geared towards the pool and spa industry, and as such, it is a great way to learn the language that your health department speaks. However, this particular CPO course is unique in that it is being taught by Jake Marty, one of the owners of Float Tank Solutions, who will help put the information into the context of running a float center.

We are also excited to welcome microbiologist and recreational water illness expert, Roy Vore, as a guest Instructor. Roy is on the Education Committee of the National Swimming Pool Foundation, literally wrote the book on Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs), and is a speaker at the Float Conference!

This course is perfect for people with existing float centers, and for those who are in the planning stages. It is a fusion course, and requires completion of an online portion before coming to this event.

Read more about (and sign up for) the CPO training course here!

6:30 PM

CPO Training Ends

Sept 26Thursday

Workshop Registration

Come early to get checked in.

No need to bring a ticket. If you registered for the Workshop ticket online, we have you on our list!

9:00 AM

The Start a Center Workshop Begins!

hosted by Float Tank Solutions

For Workshop Guests Only


The Start a Center Workshop is an intensive training course, covering everything you need to know to start and run your float business.

The owners of Float Tank Solutions, Jake Marty, Ashkahn Jahromi, and Graham Talley, share the information they would have loved to know when they started Float On in 2010. They will cover everything from float tank maintenance, to float center construction, to float-specific marketing techniques that have worked for them.

See the details for the Workshop

9:00 AM

Shop Operations and Float Sanitation

Float schedule, flow of a customer, cleaning & maintenance schedule, recreational water illness…

10:45 AM


11:15 AM

Float Sanitation Continues

Epsom salt, different types of float tanks, filtration systems, different solution treatment systems, tank chemistry, testing, regulations and certifications…

1:00 PM


2:30 PM


Choosing a location, laying out your ideal space, choosing contractors, soundproofing…

4:15 PM


4:45 PM

Construction Continues

Water/salt proofing, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, ADA requirements and improvements…

6:30 PM

End of Day 1 of the Workshop

Sept 27Friday

9:00 AM

Day 2 of the Start a Float Center Workshop Begins!

9:00 AM

Business and Finance

Business basics, timeline to opening, buildout finances, typical monthly profit & loss…

10:45 AM


11:15 AM


Target markets, pricing, PR, running a daily deal, special programs and internships…

1:00 PM

End of the Start a Center Workshop

Friday Activities Begin!

Open to Everyone

The Friday Activities are a series of float community organized events.

There’s a wide range of activities to choose from, including a bus tour of Denver’s float centers, educational workshops, meditative sessions, and more! Check in at Registration in Mineral Foyer and we will help you find events from there.

View the activities (and sign up) here!

Friday Welcome Party

Join us for a get together at Samana Float Center and the surrounding bars and restaurants. Food and drink will be available for purchase.

Sept 28Saturday

Float Conference

Conference Registration

If you didn’t attend the Start a Center Workshop or the Friday Activities, come early to get signed in for the conference.

There’s no need to bring a ticket. If you registered online, you’ll be on our list!

9:00 AM

The Conference Begins!

The time has come! Each attendee will be provided with heavy duty rain boots, as you will need to wade through the world’s largest float tank to get to your seats.

9:00 AM

Opening Words

by Stephen Johnson

This year’s Master of Conference Shenanigans is Stephen Johnson, a long time meditative and philosophical thinker, among many other things. Stephen’s variety of experiences both inside and outside of the float industry will bring a new and insightful edge to the Float Conference.

9:15 AM

Glenn & Lee Perry

To Be or Not to Be

Glenn and Lee Perry have been the leaders in the floatation tank design and manufacturing since 1972, not to mention the owners and operators of the very first commercial floatation tank center. We are honored to hear their stories during the Float Conference.

9:45 AM

Dr. Jerry Walker

Tactical Floatation: Helping the Highest-Stressed Operators in the U.S. Air Force

Dr. Jerry Walker is a clinical psychologist, currently working at Nebraska Medicine, but with a cornucopia of other projects under his belt. Dr. Walker will share his recently finished 1 year study on using floatation therapy to mitigate physiological and psychological impacts of high-stress experienced by U.S. Air Force Officers.

10:20 AM


A Q&A session with Jerry will be held in Marble during this break.

10:55 AM

Dr. Justin Feinstein

Float Away Anxiety

Dr. Justin Feinstein is Director at the Float Clinic and Research Center. His presentation will discuss a new NIH-funded clinical trial of floating in patients spanning the spectrum of different anxiety disorders, including PTSD, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, Social Phobia, and Generalized Anxiety.

11:45 AM

Alex Grieco and Kyle Robins

Maximum Floats, a Case Study
Sponsored Talk

Maximum Floats will share results of several case studies, showing just how float centers can quickly and effectively increase their bookings without using coupon companies or hiring a marketing agency.


A Q&A session with Justin will be held in Marble at the beginning of this lunch.

A buffet lunch will be served in Centennial Ballroom on the 3rd floor of the Hyatt. We’ve left plenty of time to check out the booths and visit with old and new friends!

A special thanks to Ocean Float Rooms for making this lunch possible!

2:00 PM

Jon Torn

‘The Scientist’: Adapting Float Pioneer John C. Lilly’s Memoirs

Jon Torn is a teacher, writer, and performer who has recently adapted John C. Lilly’s autobiography into a multimedia performance called. Jon will present a preview of his performance for us at the conference.

Click here to get tickets to see the full performance of The Scientist: An Evening with John Lilly on Saturday or Sunday night! Conference attendees can use code “FLOAT” to get $10 off!

2:25 PM

Dr. Roy Vore

Float Center Sanitation: Managing the Float Solution

Dr. Roy Vore is a microbiologist, an expert on recreational water illnesses, and a member of several committees in the pool and spa industry. The fascinating chemistry of float tank water lured Roy in so deep that has spoken about float tank sanitation with Graham and Ashkahn at several Environmental Health Conferences around the country. Roy will help clear up any murkiness about sanitation in your float center.

3:05 PM


A Q&A session with Roy will be held in Marble during this break.

3:35 PM

Dr. Josh Hagen

Float Therapy Research and Applications for Athletes, Military, Clinical, and General Populations

Dr. Josh Hagen is the Director of the Human Performance Innovation Center at the Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute at West Virginia University. Josh’s team focuses on performance optimization across several groups of humans, and floatation therapy is one of their techniques.

4:10 PM

Dr. Sahib Khalsa

An Update on Clinical Trials of Floatation Therapy for Anorexia Nervosa

At the Laureate Institute for Brain Research, Dr. Sahib Khalsa researches how people feel their heartbeat and how the human brain maps cardiac sensation. He will present his findings of the effects of floatation therapy in individuals with anorexia nervosa.

4:50 PM


Q&A sessions with Josh and Sahib will be held in Marble during this break.

5:20 PM

Ashkahn Jahromi & Graham Talley

The State of the Conference: Year 1

Ashkahn and Graham are gearing up to bring you another round of antics, of course. They will also share some of our challenges and successes as we turn the Float Conference into a non-profit entity.

5:55 PM

Dan Price

Be Willing to Lose Everything: What All Great Leaders Know

Dan Price is an innovative and risk-taking entrepreneur who captures national attention through his advocacy for income equality and the well-being of employees. Dan will share his experiences and thoughts on becoming a successful leader.

6:30 PM

End of Day 1 of the Float Conference

A Q&A session with Dan will be held in Marble after his talk.

Saturday Night Reception

Join us at Lucky Strike for a night of fun and games! Lucky Strike is just around the corner from the Hyatt, on the second level of the Denver Pavilions.

Food will be provided, and drink will be available for purchase.

Sept 29Sunday

10:00 AM

Day 2 of the Float Conference Begins

10:00 AM

Kim Hannan

Mindful Employee Onboarding

Kim wears a variety of hats including being co-owner of Sukhino Float Center & Salt Cave, founder of Sukhino Yoga on the Go, and founder and creative director of Mindfull Solutions. In her talk, she’ll help you create an impactful plan for onboarding new team members at your center.

10:20 AM


Floating from the Heart: Understanding the Relationship between Biomarkers of Cardiac Activity and Floatation REST

Flux has been doing research science for over a decade in about a dozen different labs on topics ranging from biotechnology to mental health. Flux will share recent research with us, mostly likely using a plethora of exciting visuals.

11:00 AM


Q&A sessions with Kim and Flux will be held in Marble during this break.

11:30 AM

Dr. Matt Driller

Floating to Victory: The Use of Flotation-REST for Athletic Recovery

Dr. Matt Driller is travelling all the way from the University of Waikato in New Zealand to attend the Float Conference this year. Matt will share some of his recent work that focused on the use of Float-REST to enhance recovery from exercise in athletes.

12:05 AM

A Memorial

Tom Fine will give a short memorial in remembrance of Marvin Zuckerman, who passed away last fall. Marvin was leading theorist and researcher on the topic of sensation-seeking as a biologically based universal human trait in humans and many other mammalian species, in addition to his work with sensory deprivation.


A Q&A session with Matt will be held in Marble at the beginning of this lunch.

A buffet lunch will be served in Centennial Ballroom on the 3rd floor of the Hyatt. We’ve left plenty of time to hug every person you see!

2:25 PM

Zerin Beattie

The Blend of Human Perception and Floating for 30 Consecutive Days

Zerin Beattie is dedicated to pushing the evolution of consciousness onward. He will be sharing how floating 30 days in a row had a profound influence on how he perceives the world around him, both internally and externally.

2:50 PM

Will Schoenhals

The Research and Development of a Hand Dynamometer in a Novel Research Environment

William Schoenhals was the first engineering intern to join the Float Clinic & Research Center (FCRC), where he helped to design and develop novel ways of collecting biometric data on research subjects while they float. His presentation will discuss why the measurement of cardiac interoception is important, as well as present preliminary interoception data from an ongoing float study in patients with severe anxiety.

3:20 PM


Q&A sessions with Zerin and Will will be held in Marble during this break.

3:50 PM

Michael Ruskow & Andreas Kraemer

How the World’s Largest Float Center Went from Surviving to Thriving, and How You Can Too

After quite a turn around with Just Float, Inc., Mike Ruskow has a unique perspective on overcoming obstacles in order to lift a business from passion to profit. Mike and his consultant turned Executive Director, Andreas Kraemer, to share the fundamental aspects of creating a strong business and brand. Mike and Andreas are excited to help empower float center owners with a structure to thrive.

4:25 PM

Closing Words

4:50 PM

Thank You’s

5:00 PM

End of the 2019 Float Conference

A Q&A session with Michael & Andreas will be held in Marble when the conference concludes.