2020 Schedule

Float Conference Preview Event – FREE to attend!

August 20, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm PDT

This is a free event! A few weeks before the conference, we’re putting on a mini-event to give everyone a chance to experience what the event will look like before the real thing. Attendees will have a chance to set up their profiles, attend a session, network with each other, and visit vendor booths.

3:00 pm: We’ll welcome Gloria Morris as our Preview Event speaker to give a little glimpse into her life as the founder of Float Sixty – a four float center brand in Chicago and northern Indiana. She’ll tell us about the ups and downs, and how she manages the chaos that comes from owning a float center or four.

3:45 pm: We’ll invite anyone in attendance to join group discussions – we’ll have a variety of topics, some fun and some educational. You can join a room with other attendees to chat about, well, whatever it is that you want to talk about. We’re calling these “Think Tanks.”

4:00 pm: Visit vendors in their virtual booths! We’ll have float tank manufacturers, goods and services specific to the float industry, and several non-profit organizations. Even the Float Conference will have a booth!

5:00 pm: And finally, we’ll dive into a virtual party using a platform called Discord.

PHTA Certified Pool/Spa Training

September 1, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm PDT

The CPO training course is one of the most respected certifications in the pool and spa industry. Commercial pools are often required to have CPO certified staff members on hand. The course is an excellent primer of pool/spa sanitation, equipment, and operation. While the course itself is not built to be oriented toward float tanks, this class will be taught by Dr. Roy Vore and Jake Marty (one of the owners of Float On), who will put the information into a float context. Read more about the CPO course here.

The CPO Certification does require prior completion of an online course. Tickets are only available until August 18, to give the students time to receive their book and complete the online course.

Float Tank Solutions Start a Center Workshop

September 2 – 4, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm PDT

This 3 day workshop focuses on the nuts and bolts of opening and operating a float tank center. The workshop is taught by Float Tank Solutions, and will cover information such as construction, float tank maintenance, cleaning schedules and operations, regular expenses and finances, and float specific marketing. This is more pragmatic and hands-on information than what will be presented at the main Float Conference. Read more about it here.

The Main Conference

September 11 – 13, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm PDT

And finally, the main event! We’ll have speaker presentations, community-organized Activities, and group discussions, oh my! We’ll also have virtual vendor booths and virtual parties.

Sessions & Activities

We wanted to make sure that float center owners (and parents, and people with other day jobs, etc) wouldn’t feel pressured to drop everything and focus on Float Conference for 3 full days. And we are excited to be able to welcome attendees across many time zones this year! For these reasons, we’ve spread out the main conference sessions, activities, and networking from around 9 am – 6 pm Pacific Time. Plus! Sessions (and most Activities) will be recorded and available for attendees to watch after the scheduled time.

We’re ecstatic to present an International Track representing the float industry from different regions of the world – these talks will be slightly outside of the 9-6 timing to accommodate the speakers.


Spontaneity is pretty hard to schedule into an online event format, but we’ve done our best. We will have group discussions – aka Think Tanks – available throughout the event. Some of these group video calls will be focused on connecting in depth with a speaker after their talk, or perhaps about some detail of running a business. Others will just be an opportunity to hop on and see who’s standing by the proverbial water cooler or virtual coffee bar. Feel free to sign up for these in advance or pop in to see who’s there.

Vendor Booths

Booths have always been an important part of the Float Conference. We know that you want to learn about the latest and greatest products and services! Our event platform has a great system for virtual booths in place – each booth will have a profile page where attendees can read about the business, send public messages, or send a private request for more information. During times when the booths are open (again, most of 9 am – 6 pm PDT), attendees will be able to enter a dedicated video chat room for each booth, where conversations can be had! Attendees can also request private or group meetings with sponsors.


You know we didn’t forget about parties. We’re working up an incredible Discord server for Float Conference attendees to get to know each other outside of the more professional zone. In Discord, attendees can easily move between video and chat rooms. (You’ll be able to see who is in the different rooms before you “go in.”) The Discord server will be available for casual visiting throughout the event, but we’ll have some more structured parties after conference hours. Plus we’ll have some games and activities set up to make sure we all have a great time. These parties are B.Y.O.B., but we still think they’ll be pretty great.