Speaker Voting 2018

While most of our speakers are hand-picked float experts, we keep a few select speakings spots open for people that you get to choose!

Below is a list of applicants from the float community who would love to come share their knowledge with you. Look over their talk descriptions and their bios and vote for your favorite presentations!

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Dr. Rebecca Heiss
Rebecca HeissBiologic Balance • Greenville, South Carolina
Survive to Thrive: Rewiring Our Brains for Better in an Epidemically Stressed Society
Rebecca Rheiss

Talk Description

As humans, we have been granted a wholly unique and incredible opportunity to direct our own evolution. Scientific advances in neuroscience have shown our minds to be amazingly malleable but what exactly are we doing with this awesome power? The answer for most of us, is nothing. We are stuck in our pre-programmed mode of fear and survival but floating has the power to transform this. Through an enlightening keynote, Rebecca demonstrates a simple method for scientifically measuring cortisol, (the main stress hormone), to show physiologically how floating can change the brain and help us all become our best biological selves.

About Rebecca

Business, biology, brain science: Dr. Rebecca Heiss brings the best of all three worlds together. With her expertise in human behavior and evolutionary psychology, Rebecca’s style brings her audiences along for an enlightening journey into their own minds.

After earning a PhD with research designated as “transformative” by the National Science Foundation, Rebecca went on to hold multiple appointments in academia, applying her research to solve practical problems in overcoming what she refers to as “biological ghosts” – subconscious behaviors that haunt modern life. As the CEO and founder of Biologic Balance (a stress monitoring and reduction company) she stays busy helping others “become their best biological selves.”

Described as a creative thought leader, Rebecca was honored to deliver a TEDx on a portion of her work and has built her career on helping others break through their “BS” (Blind Spots); ancestral brain pathways mismatched with a modern environment. Her accessible and humorous keynotes and workshops empower clients to “connect the dots” to transform conceptual frameworks into actionable items that deliver results.

Vijay Ravikumar
The Float Guru • London, United Kingdom
Svadhyaya – Study of the Self using the Tank
Vijay Ravikumar

Talk Description

Who are you? Are you your mind? Your body? A quantum soup?

Our society has put the inquiry of the self on the back burner for a few decades already. As a result, we use our valuable time to seek externally for our happiness and pleasure.

With the help of the tanks, we look into the self, the beginning of an inward journey which transforms our perception of life. A journey to the core of our being and the nature of reality.

About Vijay

Vijay Ravikumar (Victorious Son of the Sun in Sanskrit) is the man behind the revolutionary idea of using the floatation tank as a tool for self realisation. Living half his life in India and the other half in the west, Vijay has a unique outlook combining ancient knowledge in modern times. Vijay has countless hours of floating experience and has worked with hundreds of clients at the Infinity Float Centre, NZ and Float centres across the UK.

In addition to his floating experience and research on floating, Vijay is a Yogi, Electrical Engineer, Consciousness Explorer, Professional DJ, and Psychedelic Trance Music Producer. His kind, compassionate nature and burning desire to help everyone unleash their full power is the driving force behind The Float Guru.

Dr. Kimberley Carder
Hong Kong
What is the lived experience inside a float tank?
Kimberley Carder

Talk Description

An overwhelming amount of anecdote is on the internet describing what floating is; stories of psychedelic experiences to empty and misleading articles leaving readers feeling more confused than informed.

Although the benefits of floating have been studied and are hard to argue with, what actually happens to people inside the tank?

I share highlights of my research, interviewing floaters on their experience inside the tank – where their thoughts went and what happened to them during those sixty minutes of sensory deprivation. For the first time, the float experience was examined scientifically with the general population, and we now have a greater wealth of information about what happens to people who have floated more than three times – not a blog of a first time floater excited – or not – of their first experience.

While people are floating, where exactly do their thoughts go? What is creating their internal experience? What state do people reach and where is their awareness? By studying the experience inside the floatation tank we are now able to make connections as to why and how people make sense of floating and this enables us to draw possible connection to all of floatings after-effects.

About Kimberley

Kimberley is a clinical psychologist from Hong Kong. After completing her undergraduate in Psychology at the University of Southern California she returned to Hong Kong to work and pursue her Doctorate of Psychology (PsyD). At the height of her studies, she reached an overwhelming stress level on the brink of burn-out. Through a coincidence, she found herself at a float centre which catalysed her understanding of health. Although always an interest, the float session she took (and now continued practice) ignited her academic pursuit in understanding and researching the mind-body connection.

She now keeps a balance in her life with martial arts training and sports. Her dual pronged approach to health and wellness has attracted interest in Hong Kong and last year she was invited to speak at The Mental Health Conference about the important symbiosis of mental and physical health in creating well-being

Sarah Tisdell
Astral Float Studio • Australia
The Three A’s of Floating
Sarah Tisdell

Talk Description

Antecedent, authenticity, and accessibility – together, we’ll explore the three A’s of floating and examples from Astral Float Studio.

About Sarah

Born and bred in Canberra (Australia), Sarah is the Director (owner and operator) of Astral Float Studio – Canberra’s first float studio in Bruce and now Australia’s first accessible float studio in Phillip. Having torn her Achilles tendon just three months out from her wedding, Sarah turned to floating to speed up her recovery. And it worked! No moon boot or crutches required to walk down the aisle. This was one of the many signs that lead Sarah (and her brother!) to bring floating to Canberra.

Gary Ferguson
Pathways for Veterans • Sacramento, California
Results from Pathways Pilot Studies
Gary Ferguson

Talk Description

Over the past several years, Pathways has been developing their “Pathways At Ease Reset Listening Protocols” used to provide relief from the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and insomnia for our veterans. Now, using flotation therapy as one of the cornerstone in these studies, we are expecting over 50 veterans to participate in this 8-week Pilot Study.

With 5 of our 16 Pathways Research Centers participating in these studies, Pathways is anticipating the measurable results that can help shape the future of flotation therapy. These pilot studies are currently under way and we hope to present the results of at least one full cycle at the conference.

About Gary

As a 100% disabled Vietnam combat veteran who’s primary diagnosis is that of PTSD and TBI, I might know a thing or two about anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Having survived over 85 combat missions during the height of the Vietnam war and the 67-68 Tet-offensive, I was ill prepared for what came next when I returned to civilian life. Surviving the killing fields of the war was easy when people were openly wanting to kill you, compared to what came next. After a half century of dealing with this helpless state of mind and body, I am prepared to openly and honestly share with those who have a desire to help our veterans. As a country we have learned very little about helping our veterans. Veterans helping fellow Veterans is the key. Pathways has the key that unlocks the door and a proven tract record among veterans. I have over thirty years of dealing with theses symptoms without the use of any medications. I stand ready, willing, and able to continue to serve my fellow veterans while providing them a pathway home. If you would like information on how to support our veterans please visit our non-profit at www.pathwaysforveterans.org

Adam De Corte
Eastvale, California
My “Why” of Bringing Awareness to the Masses
Adam De Corte

Talk Description

When you are rocked to the core, but your foundation stands up to the test.

Ever have a time in your life that rocked you to your core? Made you question everything that you know?

I have. On October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas while attending the Route91 Harvest Festival, at around 9:45 pm everything I knew was about to change. On this night my life and my Wife’s got rocked to our core. The days, months after felt like someone threw us into a washing machine and selected the spin cycle, DAILY and it was putting us and our foundation to the test.…that is until we found REST! REST has now become a tool in our toolbox and we want to share it with everyone. But it was our foundation that kept us, and it is the place we are rebuilding from. Will your Foundation stand up when it is put to the test?

About Adam

Adam De Corte is a 38-year-old Husband and Father on a mission to bring Floating to the masses. After a life changing event less than a year ago that flipped his life upside down. He has had cope with depression, anxieties, and a bunch of other physical and mental issues alike. This was destroying who he was as a person, husband, father and employee. Keep in mind that he had never experienced these issues before. In January of this year he was introduced to Floating by his good friend and now business partner. That, my friend, is when they say “the rest is history.” Only a week passed before his first Float…and from then on, he knew how he was to overcome this “new normal” and at the same time help bring Floating to everyone!

Now he is on that mission. He is has recently started to Vlog about Floating and REST along with his story. The focus of his Vlog is to call attention to the things we put into our bodies through our eyes, mouth, ears and even our nose and how that shapes who we are in and to the world.

To find out more about Adam head over to Facebook or Instagram and search for Adam De Corte or #thefloatguy.

Dr. Horace Walcott
A.T. Still University and Saybrook University • Brooklyn, New York
A Comparative Study of FL-REST In Novice and Experts: Altered States and Quantum Effects
Horace Walcott

Talk Description

In an anonymous survey comparing altered states of consciousness between expert and novice floaters using floatation restrictive environment stimulation therapy (FL-REST), we demonstrated significant differences in scores for a spectrum of altered states of consciousness. The scaled survey was conducted by SurveyGizmo. The survey measured Altered States of Consciousness using the Mystical Experience questionnaire 43 or MEQ43; relaxation response with the Experience Deviation from Normal Scale; and shamanistic states of consciousness using the Greyson Near Death Experience scale. All statistical tests demonstrated significant differences and relationships between the experienced and novice floaters.

About Horace

Dr. Horace Walcott is a zoo veterinarian and yogi scientist who has studied and taught raja yoga for more than 40 years. He has undergone advanced training in yoga meditation in North West India and recently completed an international study of novice and expert floaters for doctor of health science degree, DHSc at AT Still University. Dr. Walcott is currently pursuing a PhD in applied psychophysiology at Saybrook University where he will be conducting EEG and special brain imaging studies in zebrafish to investigate FL-REST in the zebrafish as an animal model for understanding the quantum effects and molecular biology of FL-REST. He has a Master of Science in Wild Animal Health from the Royal Veterinary College, University of London where he investigated the effects of chlorinated hydrocarbons on biosonar in harbor porpoises in British waters, in 1997. He was awarded the Master of Science Public Health MSPH, in 1993 at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, where he specialized in environmental toxicology and risk assessment. Additionally, Dr. Walcott received the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, DVM from Tuskegee University in 1984 and post-doctoral training in aquatic veterinary medicine from the Marine Biology Laboratory, Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Juliet Tango Mylan
Float On • Portland, Oregon
Floating and Personal Identity
Juliet Tango Mylan

Talk Description

In the summer of 2016, while on Float Tour with Graham and Ashkahn, I experienced a profound internal reflective moment that forced me to address my identity and self perceptions. In a float tank far away from home, I confronted a truth about myself that I am transgender and in order to lead a healthy life I would need to transition. Two years on and I’ve experienced divorce, alienation, and prejudice, but this reality has remained a constant. I attribute the certainty of this to the float experience, offering me a brutally honest reflection of myself. In my talk, I share the profound opportunity I had to find peace and comfort in myself and how that’s affected the rest of my life.

About Juliet

Juliet Tango Mylan is a trans woman with a passion for writing and storytelling in general. She currently has her own production company and works at Float Tank Solutions in Content (she writes all those friendly podcast descriptions you read). She’s been floating since 2010 and it has informed her life in many profound ways.

Andy Zaremba
Float House • Vancouver, Canada
Optimize your Float business in order to maximize it’s chances for success
Andy Zaremba

Talk Description

Being at the head of one of the largest Float companies in the world has taught Andy some extremely valuable lessons on how to maximize a Float Centers’ chance for success. There’s no doubt the industry faces unique challenges. Andy plans to share some of the secrets his company has learned over the past five years of operating Float Centers in highly competitive markets.

About Andy

Andy Zaremba is a leader in the human consciousness and optimization communities. In 2013, Andy and his brother, Mike, partnered to create the Float House franchise, Canada’s leading flotation therapy centres, which now have eight locations across Western Canada.

In addition, Andy co-hosts (again with brother, Mike) the Vancouver Real Podcast, a digital media leader in the human consciousness space. The podcast has produced over 125 episodes with incredible guests such as Dr. Gabor Mate, Graham Hancock, Rick Doblin, and Wim Hof.

Personally, Andy is father to Ella Faith, his seven-year-old daughter, whose miraculous birth and survival have been key to Andy’s personal growth and dramatically changed the trajectory of his life. In fact, it was during her ten months’ post-birth in the NICU and following two years with full time home care when Andy began his practice of mindfulness meditation, yoga, and self-education through podcasts. This eventually led him to launch both Float House and Vancouver Real podcast.

Andy is living his vision, helping to facilitate the expansion of human consciousness worldwide. His interests include traveling, fitness, martial arts, yoga, plant medicine, meditation, music, art, hiking, scuba diving, and stimulating conversation.

Cindy Molchany
Fill Your Float Tank • Walnutport, Pennsylvania
What the Float Industry can learn from the Wine Industry and How You can Use this Knowledge to Increase Repeat Business
Cindy Molchany

Talk Description

Selling memberships is tricky business. People generally hate the thought of making a commitment to part with their money on a recurring basis and most only do so for “involuntary” expenses (i.e. insurance and utilities). So how has the wine industry managed to attribute an estimated 40% of their $2.6 Billion direct-to-consumer market to wine club sales? Probably not how you think. In this short talk, I will share the 3 key strategies that you can start using in your float tank business to increase membership numbers and create happier, more loyal customers. These are the same strategies I used when working with my wine clients that resulted in 100% of winery sales coming from members (and a year long waiting list for new people to join).

About Cindy

For over 8 years, Cindy Molchany worked in the wine industry as a loyalty marketing consultant helping clients increase the number of members into their wine clubs. Over the last 5 years, Cindy has migrated her work online, and as an internet marketer works to maximize the lifetime value of each new lead and customer she acquires for clients by creating engaging, educational, and experiential sales processes. As an avid and passionate floater, Cindy recently launched fillyourfloattank.com. Her goal is to bring her loyalty and internet marketing expertise to the float industry and help the industry explode by helping nurture the budding mass movement she already sees taking shape.

Kyle Robins
Maximum Floats • Chico, California
How to get 136+ New Floaters Every Single Month Without Spending a Fortune on Ads
Kyle Robbins

Talk Description

This talk will describe the secret back-door strategy to get hundreds of interested floaters to your spa each month using Facebook Advertising even if you’ve never run a Facebook Ad before.

About Kyle

I am a floater in California who has a passion for online advertising. Just about a year ago I discovered floating for the first time. After my second float, I had had such an incredible experience that I knew this was an industry I wanted to be a part of. Fast forward to now, and my agency is trusted by some of the largest brands in floating to do their online marketing, such as Reboot Float Spa and True REST.

Jeremy Jacob
FLOAT • San Antonio, Texas
Purposeful Progress
Jeremy Jacob

Talk Description

Inspired by Simon Sinek’s Start With The Why, this talk is about focusing on your individual purpose and using that inspiration to lead your business to success. We will talk about the importance of bridging the gap between your passion and daily operations. It is easy to get bogged down and focus on the business and financials, allowing your struggles to dictate how you operate, but it is important to reverse engineer these problems and focus back on your purpose. No matter what type of center you manage, if you focus on why you run a float center in everything you do, you will find success.

About Jeremy

I opened FLOAT in San Antonio, TX with my wife Courtney almost two years ago. We knew bringing floating to a relatively conservative city was going to be a challenge that we had to plan for. Through mentorship, research, and a lot of will power we were able to open, grow, and now thrive! We feel like one of the key elements of our success has been staying true to ourselves and our passion. Now we want to share that passion with not just our clients but also our float community.

Bryce Evans
More Floats • Montreal, Canada
Getting People Hooked on Floating: Marketing, Loyalty, & Brand
Bryce Evans

Talk Description

Learn the fundamental marketing systems and practices to help your float center convince more people that floating is an integral part of their lifestyle, rather than the next fad to try. In this blunt and honest talk — you’ll see the good, bad, and ugly to know “what not to do” when running your business. Finally, hear about how, together, we can build a better brand for floating across the world, so more people can discover and benefit from this practice and industry.

About Bryce

My first float in 2012 happened at a hippie collective’s basement 150kms away. The intense experience allowed me overcome past trauma of nearly drowning. Later floats granted me the gifts of mystical experiences, fixing my lower back issues, creative breakthroughs, lower anxiety, and a reset button for my stress.

After working with top international brands around the world (including LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Nature Valley, and Kia Motors) as a marketing consultant and a few float centers, I’m focusing my efforts to help grow the industry because the world needs more float centers. As a mental health advocate, I see massive potential for floating to help change the world.

Now I work with my partner at More Floats as premium marketing managers for float centers around the world. I have worked in the float industry since 2015 and have floated more than 100 times.

Bek Houghton
Portland, Oregon
The Gold Standard – but is it really?
Rebecca Houghton

Talk Description

Despite years of public health campaigns to reduce the sigma of mental illness, the rate of clinical depression and anxiety disorders continues to skyrocket; meanwhile, conventional “gold standard” treatment hasn’t changed or had a major breakthrough in over 30 years. So why is it that we continue to follow this supposed “gold standard”? What is really going on and what can we do about it?

About Bek

As a former caregiver and co-founder of Weeded Warrior, a veteran support & advocacy organisation in Australia, Bek has extensive experience in the treatment and on-going management of trauma, depression and anxiety. Fueled by curiosity, compassion and a big, juicy heart, she is a passionate role model who courageously shares her experiences with the desire to enhance the lives, and lifestyles, of those experiencing mental illness.

Bryan Messmer
Easy Float • Denver, Colorado
Kicked in the Nuts
Bryan Messmer

Talk Description

How many times can you hear the word NO and keep going? Has anyone already told you that you’re not going to make it? Or that your concept is stupid and has no chance of working? What about the money folks, they’re always a solid support system full of believers right? This business is different, it’s special, the people you get to work with are amazing and your members will have outstanding experiences, and you’ll never believe the satisfaction that comes with providing flotation. BUT it doesn’t start there. It starts with a kick to the nuts and then another and then another. So what I’d like to talk to you about is actually the prose in a book I wrote after opening my float biz, Business Books aren’t Funny. And the prose is simple. Endurance. How much can you take before you give up?

About Bryan

From MASSIVE skeptic to total believer, you could now possibly talk Bryan into trying just about anything. He was that classic smashed up face what the f are you talking about-don’t bother me with the hippie bullshit kinda guy when he was first told about floating. After one, kinda cruddy, first float, Bryan ate his words. After his first float this insomniac got the best night of sleep in more than a year. Now Bryan is only interested in making float available to everyone. When Bryan’s not working on making float available to as many people as possible, he enjoys spending time with his family, snowboarding, fishing, and writing bios in the third person.

Kim Hannan
Mindfull SolutionsSukhino Float Center • Jeffersonville, Indiana
The 6 Circles of Mindful Employee Onboarding
Kim Hannan

Talk Description

As a small business owner, you know what a big decision it can be to bring a new employee to help you run the business with as much love and devotion as you do. So often, we think of training employees as a checklist of tasks and that they must be able to accomplish them all in record time… because we’re desperate for the help. Even without a big budget and endless free time, you can create a simple plan that not only guides your employees through the ins and outs of day-to-day operations, but also helps them to feel welcome and wanted in your float fam.

We’ll talk about the six circles to building this impactful plan that delivers both immediate and lasting results, all within the scope of mindfulness and positive intention.

About Kim

“With more than 15 years of training and marketing experience, Kim is passionate about helping individuals and business owners create a ripple effect on the world. As a registered yoga, meditation, and mindfulness teacher, and Sukhino Float Center co-owner, she blends her diverse experiences in her work as the founder of Mindfull Solutions.

Known for balancing a buffet of plates, Kim uses the practice of mindfulness – simple observation and awareness of the present moment – to help others consider new and different perspectives.

Kane Mantyla
RewardMore • San Francisco, California
Floatation & The Evolution of Humanity
Kane Mantyla

Talk Description

Floatation is a unique environment that has the potential to facilitate the next leap in human evolution. What are the forces behind evolution and how does floatation affect them? These questions will be answered in a short 10-minute presentation that will provide the audience and float center operators with a framework to talk about the float environment and how it relates to the evolution of our species.

About Kane

Philosopher, author, inventor, entrepreneur, consultant, and self-identified generalist, Kane started his journey into consciousness at age 6 when he started meditating. Through extreme life experiences and an insatiable appetite for truth, he began building models for relating to reality in unique and empowering ways that help people see through culturally conditioned perceptions. He opened a float spa in 2006 to assist in the process of helping people experience their reality directly and in authenticity with a single goal, facilitating the evolution of our species. During the running of his float center, he invented a new form of retention and now works with other wellness businesses to help their clients create a habit of wellness services through positive rewards. He continues to develop methods to increase wellness in our world.

Dan Howard
West Stockbridge, Massachusetts
Community: The Heart of Floating
Dan Howard

Talk Description

I know that floating is a doorway into sublime states, transcendent awareness, and profound healing on all levels. I have experienced as much in many years of floating. However, it is primarily an individual experience, without a community to connect with and to give and gain support from.

It’s clear that we are going to mainstream floating world wide eventually. To do so, we need to explore ways of building deep connections and systems of support within the floating community. That is why I working at developing a mini mall of floating. A place that can offer complementary services and build a structure that is supportive of future possibilities.

The model I have been most interested in introducing into the floating community is the Buddhist Sangha. A Sangha is a community of friends practicing together. The five principles at the heart of a Sangha is Awareness, Understanding, Acceptance, Harmony and Love. Would you like to live that life?

In this wild world, love and like mindedness is what spreads beyond boundaries, it transcends fear and even language. When anyone has been connecting to source and RESTing, you can feel it. You feel a safety, an openness, and it feels good! There is a trust that you are loved and no harm will come to you.

I believe that if we can create this float sangha, together, we can change the world as we know it, through awareness, through community and personal healing. Most of all through love. We may be a young movement, but the possibilities that await us, as the float world continues to mature, are boundless. Come –Engage –Help build the world you want to live in!

About Dan

Dan Howard was a competitive swimmer, swim coach, and a founding resident of Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. As The Spiritual Awareness Coordinator at Canyon Ranch located in Lenox, Massachusetts, he was instrumental to mainstreaming yoga throughout the 1990’s. As a partner in Driftaway Float Spas he was involved with many of the problems that arise in any start up. We designed and manufactured Float Rooms, while operating a float center that also operated as a showroom for tank sales. The financial Collapse of 2008 led to a slow death for Driftaway.

However, none of those things could deter Dan for long. A few years later he purchased a 1820’s Greek Revival, and a 1,600 square foot garage (slab on grade with cinder block walls). Living in a small town, Dan took years working to support the development of proper zoning, and now has six separate units, two of which can house a float center. In the coming years Dan hopes to continue to study the possible ways to grow a thriving and self sustaining float community. One that supports the health and well being of the patrons, employees, investors as well as the local community at large.