Speaker Voting 2019

While most of our speakers are hand-picked float experts, we keep a few select speakings spots open for people that you get to choose!

Below is a list of applicants from the float community who would love to come share their knowledge with you. Look over their talk descriptions and their bios and vote for your favorite presentations!

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Vivian McKinnon
Hydro-ease • County Down, Northern Ireland
Networking a Global Industry to a Local Audience

Talk Description

Vivian consistently supports the development of strategic well being approaches and speaks on health and well being through the introduction of floatation, going from working in the business to working on the business while still being very much engaged with our guests. She would love to share some of her knowledge and tips with the Float Conference.

About Vivian

Vivian’s passion and drive is in people, supporting them to get the best from themselves, the people around them and their world in general. She is happily married with 3 children, Garry 29, Hayley 21 and Sonny 6; and is the owner and founder of Hydro-ease, Northern Ireland’s only float centre.

Vivian is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist GQHP, accredited and registered with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and Register, a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist with the National Counseling Society, a Master Practitioner of Neuro linguistic programming, a Master practitioner of Time Line Therapy, and a Master Practitioner of Hypnosis. She is also qualified, accredited, and registered as a Havening techniques practitioner and training facilitator, SPECTRUM Performance and Emotional Coach, Auricular acupuncturist registered with the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, a Qualified Laughter Yoga instructor, and a Regional Coordinator for SMART Recovery UK and trainer for the Health Care Trust delivering Mental Health First Aid.

Dr. Horace Walcott
Saybrook University • Brooklyn, New York
Beyond EEGs, ECG, CAT Scans, PET Scans,and fMRIs: How can the Apex Predators Advance FL-REST Research?
Horace Walcott

Talk Description

When a floater is immersed in the tank of hyper-osmolar magnesium sulfate, she/he emits vibrations, which are sensory to human perception and current monitoring devices, but are also beyond the detection limits of current imaging devices, signal detecting devices, and human perceptions. From my studies of altered states of consciousness in floaters, I hypothesize that the energies emitted by floaters into the medium of the surrounding solution of magnesium sulfate varies consistent with the three altered states. I also postulate that detection devices, which mimic the special senses of apex predators, can be used non-invasively to collect invaluable data sets, which will markedly contribute to advancing FL-REST research and the technologies of FL-REST. Sharks and other elasmobranches have special organs connected to the cranial nerves called ampullae of Lorinizini (AoL), which enable them to detect electromagnetic fields from preys. Alligators, caimans, and crocodiles (Alligatoridae) have special organs linked to their nervous systems called dome pressure receptors or integument sensory organs (ISOs), which enable them to perceive minute changes in pressure waves travelling through water. The pit glands or thermosensory glands of vipers (Viperidae) and boid snakes (Boidae) enable the reptiles to see in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. A probe mimicking the pit glands of vipers and boid snakes can be used in a special IR micro-camera to record changes in IR images of the face and body of a floater. Probes mimicking the AoL can be unobtrusively suspended in the float tank to record electromagnetic changes from the body of the floater. Probes, which mimic the ISO of crocodiles and alligators can be used to detect micro-pascal changes in pressure from the heart bets and pulses of floaters. Probes, which bio-mimic the special sensory perception of apex predators can provide an almost omni-vision of the energies emitted by floaters.

About Horace

Horace is the only veterinarian in the world who conducts investigations in FL-REST. His dissertation for the DHSc degree awarded in 2018 was research comparing novice and expert floaters. Currently he is pursuing a PhD in applied psychoplysiology at Saybrook University. His dissertation research will most likely be investigations of cyberhynosis of zebra fish by floaters using brain interphase machines. He is also interested in the development of biomimetic probes bioinspired from the special senses of apex predators, which can be applied to detecting invaluable data inside the float tank during the FL-REST experience.

Ceena Owens
Therassage Floatation • Hays, Kansas
Hospitality in the Service Industry

Talk Description

Are you in the service industry? Are you hospitable WHEN you provide that service? If you doubt that you are, or are wishing to fine tune your skills, upgrade your establishment; then this class is for you. I will give you tools so clients will remember how they FEEL, with as much enthusiasm as what they DID! Raising the standard in your business, will set you apart from other establishments, and I will show you how :)

About Ceena

I am an educator at Fort Hays State University for the Massage Therapy program. Have completed over 30,000 massages in my career and love what I do. We opened H2O Float/Cryo/Massage almost 2 years ago and focus on pain management, hospitality, customer service, and overall wellness. Having the opportunity to work in 5 star spas/resorts, being a service provider in 5 star restaurants, being a world consumer of fine goods, and traveling as an educator in Tourism and Hospitality has given me the opportunity to experience GREAT service.

Julia Lerner
Body and Float • Phuket, Thailand
Magnesium treats anxiety and depression
Julia Lerner

Talk Description

The benefits of tropical magnesium on the brain.

About Julia

We are currently involved in extensive research in both Thailand and Australia regarding flotation therapy. We specialise in treating anxiety and depression with support of two hospitals. Our float centre in Phuket also combines magnesium sulphate and magnesium chloride together giving a deep affect to the body.

Having opened only two years ago we have made great progress with our research also offering weekly talks at some of the most well know detox centres around the world on “The affects” of magnesium and flotation therapy.

We would love to share with you more of our story.

Ryan Holmes
SpaceVR • Los Angeles, California
Floating, Virtual Reality, and Space
Ryan Holmes

Talk Description

See how floating combined with virtual reality will lead to the next stage of human evolution. Allowing people to experience our planet like never before. Opening a door for deep exploration of this world and infinite virtual worlds beyond.

About Ryan

Founder and CEO at SpaceVR. Serial Entrepreneur. Software Engineer, Designer.

Ben Gregoire
Waves Float Center • Grand Forks, North Dakota
Fighting Restlessness – how to be cool

Talk Description

I would like to express my opinion about people who don’t fall asleep in the tank and get out early with their endless lists of things to do. I have a humorous view on meditation, floating, and life. I think our entire existence is like watching an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. What we see before us, is this relatively ok movie playing in front of us the entire time. Sometimes it’s bad, sometimes you just love that movie. It’s relatively ok. Our thoughts and emotions are like the robots and Jonah. Making snarky comments, some hit, some miss. Our experience is that of the viewer. The laughter with the whole show then provides levity and lift. To be cool is to just be OK sometimes watching a shitty movie. You can’t fail at floating, restlessness can be fought if you just stay cool.

About Ben

I’m Ben Gregoire, I own Waves Float Center in East Grand Forks, MN. We have been open for 2 years and previously to that I’ve been floating in my home tank that I built. I found float tanks after I started suffering from a neurological condition called Restlessness Legs Syndrome. I have the genetic kind so I fight actual restlessness all the time so I’m getting good at it. Also this would be the only way I could come and I want to hang out with you guys.

Randy Eady
Rehab Therapist and more • Boca Raton, Florida
Augmented Floatation

Talk Description

This talk will help practioners and practicers of floatation understand the global influence of peripheral stimulation to allow pre/present/post floation influences to fully engage the somatosensory system’s different cascade of receptors as related to REST response.

A “menu” of various kinds of sensations dovetailing with “the big 3 receptors involved in touch,” will be reviewed and provided:

  • Chemosensors – detect certain chemical stimuli in the environment. They are primarily involved in internal mechanisms, such as detecting the amount of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream, or in the nose or on the tongue,
  • Mechanoreceptors – respond to mechanical pressure, or distortion,
  • Thermoreceptors – respond to changes in temperature,
About Randy

I’m a trauma, balance & movement disorder specialist. I originally trained as an anthropologist, behavioral scientist and therapeutic counselor in the USAF.

As a former professor/rehab therapist at the US Air Force Academy in behavioral sciences I used water-based (non-pharma mirror reflection and floation treatments) to create a space where sensibility & sensitivity converge: opening new dimensions in perception to allow military members suffering from physical and emotional trauma — due to the loss of limbs (phantom limb pain) — experience integration.

I currently use floation to work with people who have balance-related issues due to Downs syndrome, Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis among others. I “focus on the unique relationship between animating senses and increasing biological presence.”

I also blog for Huffington Post Health Page & I am an Alternative Health & Wellness Editor for WebMedCentral, as well as a decorated, fully-retired USAF veteran.

As a subject matter expert, I also presented at the latest Beyond Psychedelics (BP) Conf in Prague regarding Entourage Effects (with endocannabinoids) and augmented float.

Kim Hannan
Mindfull Solutions • New Albany, Indiana
Mindful Employee Onboarding

Talk Description

As a small business owner, you know what a big decision it can be to bring a new employee to help you run the business with as much love and devotion as you do. So often, we think of training employees as a checklist of tasks and that they must be able to accomplish them all in record time… because we’re desperate for the help. Even without a big budget and endless free time, you can create a simple plan that not only guides your employees through the ins and outs of day-to-day operations, but also helps them to feel welcome and wanted in your float fam.

We’ll talk about how to create an impactful plan that delivers both immediate and lasting results, all within the scope of mindfulness and positive intention.”

About Kim

With more than 15 years of training and marketing experience, Kim is passionate about helping individuals and business owners create a ripple effect on the world. She is a registered yoga, meditation, and mindfulness teacher, co-owner of Sukhino Float Center & Salt Cave, and founder and creative director of Mindfull Solutions, whose sole purpose is helping the people who help people.

Known for balancing a buffet of plates, Kim uses the practice of mindfulness – simple observation and awareness of the present moment – to help others consider new and different perspectives.