2020 Speakers

Dan Price

Founder and CEO, Gravity Payments

Raised in rural Idaho, Dan Price founded Gravity Payments from his university dorm room at just 19 years old. His mission–which remains the core of Gravity to this day–was to help the thousands of hard-working small business owners who are consistently overcharged and underserved by their credit card processors.

Dan built his company on the values of honesty, integrity, and transparency instilled in him during his rural upbringing. These simple values have set Dan and his company apart from others in the industry, making Gravity the most trusted name in payments. Today, nearly 20,000 independent businesses across all 50 states trust Gravity to save them millions in fees and hours in frustration by making it easy for them to accept payments.

Dan captured national attention in 2015 when he decided to raise the company’s minimum salary to $70,000 a year. Since then, he has become an outspoken advocate of income equality and, through speeches, articles, and media appearances, has consistently encouraged other business owners to take responsibility for the well-being of their employees. Although he’s been criticized for what some consider his radical policies on pay and equality (Rush Limbaugh famously derided him as "socialist"), Dan believes businesses have enormous power to promote social good, regardless of what industry they’re in, by serving communities instead of shareholders and putting people over profits. In 2019, Pulitzer-Prize-winning columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote in the New York Times that Gravity’s story provides “proof that capitalism can have a heart.”

Dan’s leadership has earned him many awards, most notably Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Entrepreneur of 2014” and the 2010 SBA “National Young Entrepreneur of the Year,” awarded to him by President Obama. In addition to these formal awards, Dan has been credited by other business owners who have decided to raise the minimum salaries at their own organizations.

Dan lives in Seattle and is the author of Worth It: How a Million-Dollar Pay Cut and a $70,000 Minimum Wage Revealed a Better Way of Doing Business, published in 2020.

Dr. Roy Vore

Board Member, Microbiologist, and Recreational Water Illness Expert
Also Guest Instructor for the CPO Training

Dr. Roy Vore is the senior consultant with Vore & Associates LLC, a consulting company specializing in aquatic facility management, operator training, and risk management. He is internationally recognized as the pool and spa sector’s leading authority on recreational water illness. Since 1991 he has been the aquatics industry’s voice, translating the complexity of microbiology into the everyday language of operators. His efforts include drafting portions of the CDC’s Model Aquatic Health Code, writing the NSPF’s recreational water illness manual, and a variety of fact sheets on microbial issues for APSP. Dr. Vore has over 90 scholarly papers and presentations on the selection and use of industrial biocides, biocide testing methodology, the microbiological of swimming pools and spas, and the governmental regulation of biocides. Roy became interested in floating due to the unique physiology of float tanks and the potential for non-pharmaceutical treatments for our overly stressed society. Roy’s hobbies include making beer and bird watching – which usually includes drinking the beer.

Dr. Justin Feinstein

Head Researcher at the Float Clinic and Research Center

Dr. Feinstein is Director of the Float Clinic and Research Center (FCRC) at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research. The FCRC’s mission is to investigate the effects of Floatation-REST on both body and brain, as well as explore its potential as a therapeutic treatment for promoting mental health and healing in patients who suffer from anxiety.

He will be presenting new float-fMRI analyses showing how floating alters resting state functional connectivity within the brain.

M. C. Flux

Ph.D. Student Researcher with the Float Clinic and Research Center

Flux has been doing research science for over a decade in about a dozen different labs on topics ranging from biotechnology to mental health. From roots firmly planted in cell and molecular biology, Flux has a B.S. in Biotechnology from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, an M.S. in Neuroscience from NYU focusing on primate visual perception, an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder looking at the mental health effects of social identity formation, and is currently working on a double PhD in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience at CU Boulder where his work lies at the intersection of molecular biology, neuroscience, and mental health. His dissertation work primarily focuses on the effects of Floatation REST on anxiety and the immune system, along with several other projects exploring biomarkers of stress in other novel therapeutics and their connection to changes in mental health. He is a graduate student therapist at the Sutherland Bipolar Center, and has previous clinical experience working with underserved populations in the Boulder area. Flux is also very passionate about science communication, and has extensive experience as a graphic designer, which he applies to his presentations and educational illustrations.

Gloria Morris

Owner of Float Sixty | Float Conference Board Member
Preview Event Speaker

Gloria Morris founded the Float Sixty brand in 2016 and has scaled to four Chicago-area locations in less than four years. As a wife, mother of three children and a dog, and a full time technology consultant, she has become a real expert in juggling. She truly understands the art of pivottin when things don’t go as planned. Gloria is passionate about several causes and makes the time to be actively involved in several non-profits. From hosting a local radio show (Speaking of Charity), serving in leadership positions on boards (including Float Conference), to helping Float Centers thrive as a host on The Art of the Float podcast, she is a walking testimonial for how mindfulness, mediation, and floating balances her crazy busy mind. Gloria’s conference talk is appropriately titled “Riding the Tumultuous Tide of Float Business.” She looks forward to sharing some of her trying experiences with the community.

Pía Figueroa

Author and Experienced Educator

Pía Figueroa Edwards has been a Siloist since the age of 15, allowing her life to follow the ups and downs of the development of this teaching on different continents. She is happily married and has two sons.

Although she previously lived in Asia and Europe, Pía has been in Chile since the 1990s working as the Undersecretary of State with a focus on the environment. She is currently promoting several projects, specifically the international press agency for Peace and Non-Violence, Pressenza. Her extensive list of publications includes “The Inner Guide,” “Silo, the Master of our Times” (published in 6 languages), and the monographs “Dreams Research.”

In 1975, Pía performed 3 psychology studies of sensory suppression, monitored by Silo in Corfu, Greece. In 2014, the study was reproduced in conjunction with several groups of people dedicated to the mystical practices. In 2020, this book was published by Virtual Ediciones in both English and Spanish.

Jeremy Jacob

Co-owner of FLOAT in San Antonio, Texas

Jeremy Jacob, is the creative mind behind San Antonio’s ultra-modern floatation therapy center, FLOAT which opened in November of 2016. A lifelong entrepreneur, Jeremy always looked for ways to forge his own path. FLOAT is the product of careful timing, passion, and hard work. He attributes the early and immediate success of the center to extensive planning and education. In recognition of his success, he was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019 for San Antonio Entrepreneurship Week. Since first opening as a 3-tank center, FLOAT has expanded in less than four years into a complete wellness spa offering massage, infrared sauna, salt therapy, along with other services. He is currently on the Board of Directors for the FTA.

Jeremy will be discussing how FLOAT has leveraged additional spa services to aid in the center’s growth and profitability in the midst of unprecedented times.

Ashkahn Jahromi

Co-Founder of Float On, Float Tank Solutions, & Float Helm | Float Conference Board Member
Also Speaking at the Start a Center Workshop

Ashkahn is one of the founders of Float On, a six tank center in Portland, Oregon that opened its doors in 2010. Since then his life has been one salty adventure after another. After years of running a center, hosting a podcast, working on software, and taking road trips around the country, Ashkahn is happy to finally reveal his master plan: to build a dome over the Pacific Ocean and turn it into a float tank large enough to float the entire human population.

Graham Talley

Co-Founder of Float On, Float Tank Solutions, & Float Helm | Float Conference Board Member
Also Speaking at the Start a Center Workshop

Graham is one of the founders of Float On, a six tank center in Portland, Oregon that opened its doors in 2010. Somewhere between then and now, Float On (with Graham firmly in tow) got itself tangled up in pretty much every aspect of the floatation world – from software and consulting to book publishing and music recording. Outside of his salty endeavors, Graham has a broad range of interests that include experimental theater, philosophical debates, complex systems design, and board games.

Jake Marty

Co-Founder of Float On, Float Tank Solutions, & Float Helm
Also CPO Instructor and Speaking at the Start a Center Workshop

Jake Marty, another one of the Float On owners, will be speaking at the Start a Center Workshop. He will be sharing experiences from the last several years where he spent countless days (and nights) fighting the good fight against salt damage and defending against rogue sound waves trying to sneak into beautiful, peaceful float rooms.

Jake will also be conducting the PHTA Certified Pool/Spa Operator training course taking place on the Wednesday prior to the Float Conference.

Whichever city Jake is in, he can often be found atop the nearest mountain anticipating the sunrise.

Stephen Johnson

Master of Conference Shenanigans

Through professional athletics and performance, to a decades long practice of meditation, yoga, scientific/philosophical/poetic immersion. Retiring from a 30+ year career as a Psychiatric RN, researcher, educator, therapist and Anatomist. Continuing a private practice of an increasingly simple but deepening somato/spiritual nature. Developing into a ‘Float Contemplative’ in which suspension and immersion dynamics inform a growing intertwinement of science and spirit. Hopefully thinking, moving, communicating from a more interconnected sensibility.

Stephen will serve as the MC for the 2020 Float Conference.

International Track Speakers

Vivian McKinnon

Founder & Owner of Hydro-Ease

Multi award winning speaker, author, and entrepreneur Vivian McKinnon is qualified and experienced in many therapeutic approaches.

The idea to open a float centre came about during her first float in Edinburgh in 2004 where Vivian knew instantly this ‘strange and a bit different therapy’ could help other people; especially those living from addictions, physical and mental pain. Vivian set up Hydro-ease, Northern Irelands only dedicated floatation centre in September 2015.

With lived experience in these areas, Vivian knew in that moment her life’s purpose became clear. She now dedicates her work to empowering people to heal from the pain of their past. To identify and utilise the skills and tools in the life they have, to create the life they desire and, In the process, release the magic from within.

Michael Cordova

Co-founder of Floating Point Float Centre

Michael Cordova is the co-founder of Floating Point Float Centre in Pangbourne, UK. In 2017 he gave the world’s first TEDx Talk on Floatation Therapy and regularly appears on BBC Radio Berkshire’s wellbeing panel. He has also given talks on the benefits of Floatation in the UK and appeared on a number of podcasts.

Michael has a great interest in performance and optimisation and how floating can play an important part in improving oneself, even tracking his full sleep cycle during an overnight Float session using wearable tech and helping to co-ordinate small research studies. Michael has supported a number of elite athletes since 2011 and is currently an Associate Partner with British Rowing supporting Olympic Athletes with recovery and performance.

Camille Pierson

Founder of The Float Spa

Looking after our own wellbeing has slid down the priority list for many people in our modern society to our detriment. After Camille Pierson learned this fact the hard way, she changed her life to put wellbeing at the forefront of everything she does in her business as well as her personal life. After spending years as a marketing professional, Camille moved away from the corporate world to found The Float Spa, a premium health and wellness centre in Brighton, UK offering floatation therapy, yoga classes, massage, an infrared sauna and other complementary therapies.

With the success of The Float Spa – starting from nothing and leading to a clientele of over 18,000 people and Camille being invited to the House of Lords – and everything Camille has learned through running it and immersing herself in the wellbeing world, she now wants to share her knowledge of the importance of self care and of how to run a wellbeing business to help people live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

More Speakers to be Announced

Check back in as we continue to add speakers to this year’s line up!