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Submit your city as a potential location for the next Float Conference!

Although the Float Conference has a staff and a Board of Directors, the Conference is by and large organized by and for the Float Industry. One of the biggest parts of making the best Float Conference we can is having eyes and ears on the ground in each new city we move to… We’re calling this position the City Liaison.

Submitting your city to be in the running for the next Float Conference also means submitting yourself to be the next City Liaison.

Each year, members of the Float Industry just like you will let us know why their city would be a great fit for the Float Conference and why their shop should be our home base for a year. Our Board will take a look at the options and choose the city and liaison that best fits the Float Conference’s needs that year. Take a loot at what that means below, then submit your city!

So what does it really mean to be a Float Conference City Liaison?

A City Liaison….

  • shares insight on the city, for example helping us track down venues for the events and parties.
  • may need to be our feet on the ground throughout the year, doing odd jobs like measuring things or taking pictures of certain venues.
  • allows us to give out some free floats to your facility to organizations we’re working with in town to put on the event (this really helps us get in good favor with these various organizations, and it helps spread floating in your city!). We typically give out about 100 floats over the course of the year.
  • helps us design and implement the stage, hopefully working with local artists to create a unique look for the year’s conference presentations.
  • allows us to rely on using some of your connections and possibly your shop’s staff to help us run the actual event (things like working registration, helping us setup and clean up, etc).

What does a City Liaison get in return for all their hard work?

We can’t thank our City Liaisons enough for all of the hard work and support they provide to help put on the Float Conference, but we can provide you and your staff with free tickets to the event, and list you on our website as the local liaison.

Ready to tell us about your city?

Tell us about about your city and yourself as a potential liaison using the form below.