The Virtual Event Platform

The 2020 Float Conference will be hosted on a web-based virtual event platform called Pathable. Before the event, we’ll send a link to set up your profile, and you’ll be able to browse other attendees and speakers, and even create a “Want to Meet” list for future networking. During the conference, you can privately message others and set up individual or group video chats.

Agenda Page Example
Speakers and Activities

We have lots of incredible speakers (including international speakers) lined up to share float research, business info, and marketing tactics, and sanitation advice, all through an integrated video feature. You can watch, chat with fellow attendees, ask questions, and download materials.

Sessions will be automatically recorded and available after the scheduled time for you to view throughout the rest of the conference time – and after.

Activities will be similar to the main sessions – the organizer can choose between a presentation format or a smaller, group video call (aka Think Tanks, see below.)


Vendors will have virtual booths, with a profile page, links, videos, and downloadable documents. You can chat with the vendor on the public message feed or request more information privately. Each booth will also have a dedicated video chat room.

Group Discussions

We’ll have scheduled times to communicate with fellow attendees about various topics, which we are calling “Think Tanks.” Maybe you want to discuss the best way to dissolve salt into your tank, or what to do when your walls are falling apart. Or maybe you want to share stories about customers that tried to wear shoes in the tank… Whatever it is that you all want to talk about, we’ll have group video calls set up to share knowledge and laughs with each other. We’ll collect some topics from you ahead of time, and then we’ll let you all run with it.


In addition to private messaging, private video calls, and Think Tanks, you can look forward to a forum where we can have public conversations with other attendees. You can post stories, questions, photos, etc. and others can reply.

Our event platform will also have a Social Media page. It’ll pull in posts using our hashtag – #FloatCon2020 – from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So feel free to share photos of yourself enjoying the Float Conference in your pajamas or between cleaning tanks!


We wouldn’t have a Float Conference without parties. We have an entire Discord server set up for us to party in style, from home! Attendees will be able to join the Discord at any time, chatting with fellow attendees, and hoping around from room to room to join different games or social activities.